48 thoughts on “DAVIDO’S 10 Baby Mamas drama…All the tea, the truth, the law & whats next…

  1. This channel is my safe space and you are such a great inspiration to me Neze. I have grown from being shy to being bold and well spoken just from watching you. Thank you ❤️

  2. Though I completely agree with the advice Neze is giving to chioma, I’m realising more and more that chioma just may not be the hustling type because if she was she would’ve capitalised on the platform and resources that this relationship has given her by now, the most I’ve seen her hustle was during the time her and David split and she was trying to put more effort into her YouTube channel and brands but they moment her and David got back together that stopped. Which makes me think she did that not by choice but by necessity because she now was forced to make an income for herself. The moment her bank came back the hustle stopped. Truth is I think she isn’t built to or wants to hustle to make her own and is fine just being taken care off. Tbh I think if chioma wasn’t with david she would probably just be living a standard life, have a standard 9-5 job and that’s it. She doesn’t strike me as a entrepreneur, business woman or just generally a career driven person. Come on she dropped out of uni to follow a man 🤦🏾‍♀️ which career driven woman would do that? So what were her plans then to provide for herself? What were her plans for her future, just David? Even Davido has done interviews in the past where he was talked about pushing her to do more with her businesses and investing in her etc but she hasn’t done anything with it 😕 Neze talked about her husband providing her with all the tools and motivating her to start her YT channel, but the reason it’s a success today is because Neze has put in the work afterwards. Chioma has been provided all the tools but done nothing with it and that just speaks to her person. Not saying it’s good or bad (because not everyone is meant to be a hustler) but if this life is what she chooses because of it’s financial benefits and the soft life it affords her then I can’t feel sorry for her.

  3. This Girl – Not justta Girl tho – Barrister Nezeville is such a GOODT Storyteller…I'm flying you and hubby to ALL EXPENSES PAID to MC not only my wedding but my daughters wedding too

  4. Many so called Big shots from Presidents, footballers have cheated and their wives stuck with them. So many women are in abusive relationships but are still married to the Perpetrators. What God has put together…

  5. Chioma run away with your life
    Get tested for HIV if infected sue him.
    This type of man will not change for now.
    Better people pray for Davido to repent to get deliverance
    For Chioma what else uou want God to do ? He has revealed move out u deserve better loving man than him

  6. How she feels has a lot to do. I for one can't stand it but one never knows, maybe she has nothing to do with emotions then she can stay there forever and enjoy her free wealth because what I see between them is not love but interested on both sides.

  7. I really pity chroma, becauseshe have all the opportunities to become who she want to be in life. But sitting down foolishly doing nothing for herself. By the time the baby mama's will start surfacing, she will lose and lube with nothing. She's there doing love. WHO LOVE HELP???????. IF she's my sister, I will beat sense into her brain.

  8. I give it up to you Neze for this video. Big claps for you, the drama, and the well articulated contents is top notch and well done. ❤❤❤🎉🎉🎉👏👏👏👏❤

  9. No, I won’t be attending the prayer and fasting for Chioma. Chioma needs to pray and fast and act on your suggestions for her. One can lead the horse to water but cannot make it drink if it’s not THIRSTY!!🙂

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