48 thoughts on “Davido Missing after Get Lady Pregnant while Chioma is Pregnant

  1. And I sorry for who wan, who wan
    Who wan gbe my matter s'ori
    I'm only human (human)
    So make no body para o
    Say I carry woman (woman)
    Shey na man wey I for carry?
    Fuck all the rumors (rumors)
    Abi e get when I talk sey I be pastor?

  2. You guys should stop lying to yourself everybody want carry bell for obo one thing u people are good is changing stories and putting in the people own leave our davido for us πŸ˜‚ thw lady's gistlover can also come up with any store this work

  3. Nigerian men should behave as as much as they are living their best life the wheel can turn the other way too. Respect yourself, respect your wife it will help a lot in the bad reputation black men have….its bad karma

  4. The reason I stop listening to you , sometimes it’s seems you talk through your anus. So anyone that is famous & rich is allowed to be sleeping with multiple women unprotected, isn’t that reckless for someone who is married. She knew Davido is married. She is lying we all know that.

  5. But why did she let herself get pregnant why she could have prevented the pregnancy it's not all his fault. Women these days have no morals or respect for themselves, just open up their legs to celebrities and they only have sex when they are high and drunk and run away. Wow!

  6. Girl a child is a beautiful gift, you can have the baby and keep for David, Adeleke family is Rich, to feed them is not a problem ❀ it cant Ebd his career or make a man marry you, the child grows go to him if the baby wants..hid career will still be Booming cos he makes gd music 🎢 ..the only thing is david our Ancestors who did polygamy knws why they did it , you can do polygamy have wives properly pay their dowries, so you can have Enough incase you have high libido which is possible…its honorable..oba's , chiefs etc practice polygamy, you have the money to do so , maintain them…still make beautiful music 🎢

  7. David will always be David. He preparing for his up coming tour and he is likely to impregnate more if true. So he is not missing.

  8. Adam u guys should focus on issues that matters I'm kinda disappointed in every davido matter u rushout haba what is wrong with Nigerians this social media tinubu go soon regulate am weather una talk or una no talk david is a good man who never fuck or cheat make he raise up hand

  9. LOOOL, the way you started your vlog. Anita is a sports finisher! Why do people make excuses for Davido ? He is a grown a ass man with a brain he is not a child kmt!!!

  10. A marraige man adultry is a sin is he the only man disrespect your wife but is good for choima she was paying blogers too pepper shopia but if uliv in a class house dont throw stone davido is not a man that any woman should be proud of

  11. Till the time the society will stop pointing fingers on ladies & start pointing on men, this issue will be easily solved…
    Adams media aren’t you the same person who bashed tiwa savage here πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€” so tiwa is not an artist but davido is an artist who can move anyhowly as you suggest 🀨🀨🀨🀨🀨🀨🀨✌🏾✌🏾

  12. She is pregnant because there is no way she will tarnish a celebrity name on social media for a fake news especially living in the USA where Davido can press charges against her if she is lying.She has been with David for 6 years as a side chick and all her proofs are on social media.The fans attacking her might made her scared of her life and pushed her to go to this extent for the world to know incase something happens to her .My uncle has 27 kids with 4 wives because he is a millionaire but polygamy helped him changes and stay loyal .Davido should consider the same as an African man .There is nothing Davido can do for chioma to make up to all the humiliation and sadness she encountered for loving him.

  13. Let the baby be, he’s an African man now, please leave davido alone, after all is not bringing her home. . That is the result of fun πŸ˜‚

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