44 thoughts on “THE SWEET, SAD & SKEWED LIFE OF DAVIDO!!:FULL DOCUMENTARY..(Deaths, Destiny & Drama)

  1. You are a wonderful communicator and narrator. I love watching your videos.
    Davido is suffering from “mama issues” and may need to put himself into counseling. From your narrative, Davido may have come from a toxic family and the pain is intense. The “boy” is looking for his mother in those women only to realize that they are void of her. “The rich also cry.”
    The fact that the mother just slumped and died is another indication that the marriage may have been toxic but was force to suffer and smile in it. Children in toxic homes behave exactly the way you described Davido. “Apples don’t fall far from the tree.”

    I can bet my bottom dollar that Davido is looking for his mother in these/those women. He clearly has not healed from the pain of losing his mother.
    Maybe Chioma stood out as one who reminds him more about his mother; one who was calm and quiet no matter the ‘blows’ she got from her oga sir.
    The “baby-mama” syndrome is not by accident. Toxic people hate closures. So, they don’t end relationships, they shelf them instead. They always leave something behind every relationship that they have to go back to later in life.

  2. You really did justice to David biography, you are a good narrator, great work, kudos!!! I'm just reading your commentary for the first time has no option than to subscribe, I'm sure davido cannot even write his biography like you did, love that, keep it up ❤❤❤

  3. She's brilliant. Her English is impeccably. She have me listening intently. I love her and her spirit. She's naturally a story teller. Lovely!! Lovely! I'd love to meet her. She lights up my night , just listening to her. I hope she has a platform in journalism in Nigeria.

  4. I live in America and I love the Nigerian culture and people. These stories are so fascinating to me, as I grew up not knowing anything about the people or country. Thanks for you commentary! It helps so many to get to know individual people and their stories 🙏🏽❤️

  5. Why he keeps fathering so many children with different women causing chioma pains. It always breaks my heart for her. Can someone advice him to stop hurting that beautiful lady and he should take her seriously for once.

  6. CHIOMA is blinded in fame just like every young lady, like someone said which l agree too, Davido is a young man, more dramas are yet to come, he has not even started yet, CHIOMA should learn from the older ones that are rich and famous what was their lives was? How or what did their wives or partners had to suffer or pass through. Maybe then CHIOMA will understand that this is reality. I will say therefore it is CHIOMA cup of tea to know what she wants that is if she lives to tell the story or the end. I wish both of them good luck

  7. I really like your channel, you said everything the way it is No Favoritism, on any of the baby mamas, no judgment or hate speech. Chioma has been with Davido, she understands him. Davido, is not going to be a kept man, marriage to him means you’re ready to accept his life style. That’s why he couldn’t keep his promise of marriage to Chioma, he has no time for married man life style, he prefers to be free and not answerable to any woman. She has to stay in the marriage and endure what she signed for. Because as it is now he wouldn’t want to be touring and moving around with her, since she’s now a wife. He won’t stop baby mama thing, until he finished with music career. She should have more kids and busy raising them, he will get tired of women by age 50. But generally he a good hearted man but loves to enjoy himself. Material things don’t bring happiness.

  8. If love is a feeling for you,then women will have to suffer cheating and philandering men in the name of love. It's not worth it, not for the money,not for the feelings either.Chioma is just foolish,I don't blame Davido because he is living his best life while Chioma is waiting for him to change and settle.

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