22 thoughts on “SAD! Davido & Chioma Are Finding It DIFFICULT To MOVE ON From The TRAGIC DEATH Of Their Son Ifeanyi

  1. Most certainly you can pain behind every smile.They need to go through the grieving of their Son,Stop sharing too much infor on social media . God is a God who restores with time he will.

  2. They need intensive treatment, it’s either it brings them closer or tear them apart, it will really take God’s Grace to bounce back. We are talking about a child now…..They need our prayers if they believe in Jesus…..

  3. It's really very sad situation. Such adorable child full of life to cut short in such a mysterious manner. Only God can comfort Chioma and I pray May God bless them with healthy children and affliction shall not rise again the second time amen.

  4. Why not? It's not the end of their lives. Everybody will die one day naa! They should move on Jare and have 2 more kids. Above all, Jesus is coming soon, all these will soon end. Ifeanyi is in the presence of Jesus enjoying himself. Where they will spend their eternity is the most important thing to consider now. All is vanity upon vanity.

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