48 thoughts on “OMO💔This On Enter Oh Best Advice 4 CHIOMA By BLESSINGCEO On The Table Of DAVIDO New Baby Mama Drama

  1. Blessing C.E.O l support you because Davido don't have any respect for Chioma at all enough is enough 💯 for all his stupidity and disrespectful every year Davido pregnanted a lady they swear for you Davido God forbid bad thing, Chioma use ur number 6 oh because this guy call Davido is things else Davido no get shame at all, l pray that God will guide Chioma and protect Chioma in Jesus name Amen 🙏

  2. God bless you my dear, you said all. God's speaking to you. Im Yoruba but im Chioma & Davido's online grandma, im down with the situation on ground in Chioma's marriage. You gave the best advise, adGgodG

  3. God bless you my dear, you said it all. God's speaking tthrough you. Im Yoruba but im Chioma & Davido's online grandma, im down with the situation on ground in Chioma's marriage. You gave the best advise, God bless you.

  4. Blessing CEO, I never knew that you are that intelligent. Wow! You are a brilliant woman, you are, you are! You addressed the issue without bias.

  5. CHAI,
    I am listening to not only the life story of NOT ONLY DAVIDO, but YULU THE FOOLU AND JUDAS AUSTIN.
    The only difference is YuLU THE FULU comes from a nasty, dark , paganistic, heathen istic, devilish , Babalawo, murdering , cannibalistic, human eating , amalgam seed family background.

  6. You pple understand stand Davido belongs and his time is limited he's enjoying himself before the whole tin will be over, no need of going into details

  7. See blessing CEO talking thrash, two children with two baby daddies. She couldn’t wait to get on late Bimbo’s husband d… charcoal calling kettle black. You are not different from this ladies you are condemning, please advise yourself first.

  8. Thanks so much blessing I'm happy you talk sense to chioma chioma is our baby the father works with my husband she's from good family well loved it's unfortunate that destiny doesn't tell anyone where's is going another thing is that some of this ladies are process they can extract mile when you sit down and look at the situation you will definitely know this is not natural I hope davido mum is alive she should've protect his son look at Sophias case and tells davido not to disclose anything about his wife on social media I wish them all the best

  9. You made some good solid points, chioma is no different from any baby mama, knows who she's dating or who she's supposedly married to, a man with supposedly five babies with different mothers, it's likely we don't know all and we can't vouch there wouldn't be more, so deciding to be with him is accepting gross infidelity, and mind you, a marriage certificate doesn't mean you have won or your children are more special to the others, we all respect your decision , for you are there for love and disrespect and every other reason, but you need to build a brand for yourself, thats why its 'harder' to walk away, without davido in the picture, would you just be living of the wealth that has to be shared in several quotas? Be a role model for young ladies, your family and for your children.

  10. Sinners advicing sinners. Heaven, hell and imminent rapture is still real and God will every sin to judgment if yo don't repent and amend your ways before it is too late

  11. Camila was a side chick to king Charles but was never pregnant for him even while princess Diana was alive even till today but wat was her end she's now is wife legally and a Queen ….side chick make Una get sense getting pregnant for a married man or your boyfriend is not a gain ooooooo,how well can we say this?BCeo thank you for your 2cent

  12. Thanks so much for your truth, he has disrespected chioma enough, he is taking chioma for granted, he has dragged her into nothingness because of low life women, he said he loves chioma but he flaunts fake love for her, dragging her down with out respect.

  13. Blessing you that could not make your marriage work is advising chioma,how do you know chioma is not planning for herself. So you don't know that her silence is golden. You will go to jail again if you dont shut up.was chioma not doing something before the death of ify?

  14. Why telling David how to sleep with ur almighty chioma? Do you still believe its love? Guys know where their hearts belong… him marring chioma was to compensate her on her lost child… don't advice chioma to leave.. she's enjoying the marriage…

  15. My sister, you are so dumb right they are too much behind David. What is this just ladies they are so desperate desperate when they are pregnant they don’t see nothing after that, they come on media study of frozen pregnancy to davido. You don’t have to force anyone to answer for pregnancy Wow I don’t care what you guys do that message is for Choma.

  16. Blessing is talking like an oppressed African woman. Anita na American. Davido go pay child support! And blessing CEO is a hypocrite! Davido will not change for CHIOMA. Davido na musician and a selfish man. CHIOMA should take control of her life .

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