40 thoughts on “OBA OMO 1

  1. Okin TV,why is it that Remi Oshodi ( Remi Surutu ) does not feature in Yoruba Movies anymore.I have watched lots of them but I have not being seeing her,
    She is always a chart buster when she plays the role of an Egun Woman.
    Please kindly do me a favour,I will want the list of all the movies where she played the role of an Egun Woman.She is such a wonderful lady when she does that.
    Thanks and I hope to hear from you soonest.

  2. nice film.but why are all yoruba movies having part 2 like igbo movies now…someone can't even enjoy full movie.How long are we gonna wait until we see part 2 now…just getting tired of all these

  3. watch the scene of sanyeri and the other guy called ajani, when they came out of Conner. listen very well, you will hear a voice from the background that says "ACTION"

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