Mixed Reactions To US-based Lady Calling Out Davido For Impregnating Her (VIDEO)

Social media is abuzz with excitement following a new claim that Nigerian singer, Davido Adeleke, popularly known as Davido, …


Author: TVC

10 thoughts on “Mixed Reactions To US-based Lady Calling Out Davido For Impregnating Her (VIDEO)

  1. This male reporter has many skeletons in the closet the way he is supporting Davido. Are you doing doing the same thing? Well he reveals himself at the end of the show😅

  2. If chioma leave her marriage she is a big fool, make she burn her own Oder women go still burn their own , for does lady wey carry belle them no dey shame? Because say DaVido get money and na superstar them dey jump come internet comm dey say DaVido give them belle how wish DaVido na Nobody who for come out ??? Make una dey share una Toto up and down DaVido is already married and blessed

  3. if you are a star .you need to be good character not f..with many woman and think that is cool because people look up at their music and then its ok to do the same immoral things ..keep faithful to your self ,it has alwYS BEEN LIKE like this if you are a immortal person doesnt mean we should glamorize them ,why should we .keep a honest life ,this is what a role model should be ,i would not follow a immoral doent matter if his good at music

  4. Love Anita she came with receipts it's high time these Nigerian men start taking responsibility. Why is she being attacked smh

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