Don Jazzy Samklef Iyanya All Blast Davido For Calling Burna Boy A New Cat

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36 thoughts on “Don Jazzy Samklef Iyanya All Blast Davido For Calling Burna Boy A New Cat

  1. I use to like davido my baby liked aye which we actually came across in a nollywood movie, here in America 2023 lol but when my baby boy heard last last it was all over now we are clearly Burna boy fans, he's now a year old if you know how many times I've heard last last since my baby was 7months old until today at the age of one I would be a billionaire if I were to be paid just for listening to last last

  2. Those that don’t know the meaning of "new cats" are the ones saying davido is right. Y’all saying it’s now burna got to his prime which is true but he’s no new cat. A new cat is a freshman like new to the game, Burna has been here for more than a decade so the term doesn’t suit him at all. There are different ways davido could have said it without insulting burna boy. Fact is nigga seems jealous smh

  3. Old cat, new cat, black cat, white cat, whatever you call him, there's only one African Giant. Most artistes thrive on controversies. Burna doesn't need it. Don't get Odogwu angry. 🤔

  4. I love Alfrobeat, I like the trend it has taken globally, but sometimes when someone speaks, let’s put emotions aside and be truthful. First off, being the new “cat” is figuratively said. It could mean, new trending artist, especially the names he mentioned. And if we have to put aside emotions and be realistic, Burna is new despite all the hits he’s making. Yesterday big names were 2Face, P Square, D ‘banj , and Wizkid, Davido and Ice-Prince being the youngsters at the time.

    For me, the media and fans keep widening the gap of disunity between these two guys. Bet, if this continues, the worst might happen in the not distant future.

  5. new cats is just saying new guys ….whats the big deal? ..this youtuber is you really know what new cat means? …Davido came into the game before Burna boy.. or should say he blew up b4 burna..

  6. Am a DJ and even doing my other business you was right that davido has green light first before buna but don’t flip on follow ups you don’t do ( we had buna run my race we had buna check and balance you never see landlord yawa Dey and so many hits bro ) but davido calling buna boy in likes of Asake rema fireboy that’s not buna music age range ) if we start calling people who started on olamide music age range i think we have only wizkid and olamide and lots more (if not for Aristokrat records that fails buna boy he would has not been on pause before stepping in again

  7. KING DAVID has every right to call the names he mentioned during the interview a new cat because he came into lime light before Burna boy, Rema, Fire boy etc Uncle snoopy no receive Grammy o. You all are so dumb!! I see hate speech.

  8. Even fela the mentor of African misic, did not carry grammy but my boss burnaboy has done it, while u still dey huzzle to carry guy u no no weytin u dey talk ooo, davido

  9. These guys calling DAVIDO out are only seeking for social media relevance because they are all forgotten! U ALL MISS INTERPRETED IT WRONGLY! IF HE'S A NEW CAT WITH WHATEVER HE HAS ACHIEVES THEN HE COULD ACHIEVE MORE LATER OK! SO DAVIDO CALLING BURNA BOY A NEW CAT IS VERY RIGHT😩😩😩

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