38 thoughts on “Davido Not Again – How Much More Can Chioma Take?

  1. Chioma just si don there dey answer him sir, sir, …is she really happy in that marriage? Her husband believes she’s happy, but can she say she is?🤷🏽‍♀️

  2. Question should be. Or wait in fact. She must be loving this kind of humiliating treatment by a ordinary man. Just in name of Davido. My sister she likes it. A young woman loving her her walk out. Lifes precious and comes only once

  3. Please Summer, why don't we sit down and think about, what if……some people are paid to just bring him down. Lets not forget Davido has so many enemies not for forget that.
    Is possible his enemies are the once doing all of rhis just to cuz trouble between him and Chioma.

  4. Whether this woman is telling the truth or not, it is a sad indictment on the majority of African men. Their culture of polygamy encourages sexual immorality and indiscipline. Dem no Dey fear aids again. Some other greater disease go catch dem sooooon. 🔥

  5. Chioma is still hang with Davido because of money simple because if u look at Portable an illiterate dat has peanuts compared to Davido women are still queuing for him so therefore MONEY is the root

  6. My only prayer is that the wife at home also has her own child cos we know how we Africans can be when no child connects us, however, how could this young boy because to me he is just a boy anyways men sef are no better so let me call him a young man be this reckless. We were told that it was illiteracy that made our fathers to have many children so what happens to this generation of educated?. Pele chioma, eeyan Lewa Ki tie maba. Just take soul not heart any more. Even me that am in my 50s Gann is not this strong. Money palava

  7. What do you expect from a Yoruba man. It’s normal for them to have multiple wives and children. This shouldn’t be a choker to you all.

  8. Davido will always cheat on Chioma. He will never be exclusive with her. He is still very ‘available’ to the babes wherever he goes. One day don’t be surprised to hear he is marrying a second or even third wife. Even with that,he will still cheat on all of them. Davido is not settling down with any woman anytime soon.

  9. Y’all should not worry about Chioma. She is just fine. My best friend was a governor of a state in Nigeria and all these women had babies for him. Today, they have all scattered as they gathered. My friend and his wife remain solidly married. They did the same to Sina Peters because his wife could not have a child. Today, Sina and the wife are still together and baby mamas have all gone! Ask Clarion Chukwura, she too had a son for Sina. There is money now in blogging so y’all should enjoy yourselves. As for Chioma and David Adeleke, they are here to stay!!!

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