1. Davido will shred some of that money in court here in America. This is not a Nigerian. The American court will hit Davido with those fees. Watch and see what happens in this case. Now you go see the difference between American woman and Nigerian/african woman.😁🤣😂😁

  2. It just doesn’t feel right. On what platform is this conversation. Does she have Davido’s personal number? There are so many impersonators about. Is this information really legit. Where is the evidence. Hmmmm

  3. Apparently, Davido must be known for not using Condoms and women who have ‘nothing’ except visual body entrapments, SEEK him out, for the MONEY and what he can do for them. Many of these seem to have no funds for themselves and will do ANYTHING to get in his circle. Not representing black women well. Davido needs to be SAFE with his life. DNA PLEASE!!!! DNA PLEASE DAVIDO! Davido, be more careful with your LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. That thing between Davido's legs need to be cutting ✂️ off, that the only solution.

    And all this nonsense girls opening their legs for him 😮😮😮 nawa oh

  5. Indeed he marry choimo out of pity then there are blogers who see the truth but they are doing hyporite he is the one going too break her marrage

  6. If you are not trying to mess up his marriage, why are you here? This girl is mental. A straight communication with the supposed father of your child would have been more respectable. Be sensible girl, you have the life and future of a little one to consider. As for Davido, he needs to put a cap at the end of it. It is becoming scandalous. He is not the only virile man on earth.

  7. I don't know wat d hek she's still with him, is it gucci, lv bags, money, house n cars etc., D only son u hv is gone. When kemi talk her mouth is smelling. Chioma likes money n other material wealth, let her stay n endure, where r d hater's. nonsense. Every tin is not money, but self respect. Koyon bomama celebrity foooool.

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