47 thoughts on “Chioma Pack out of Davido House 😳 France Lady Pregnant 🤰Plus Anita Brown

  1. all this lies and cover up that davido and his team are doing….i know from day one that davido is a ritualist.. why na only him wey him close friends dey die….see the innocent boy ifeanyi just die like that still the Bastard dey another woman TOTO…ifeanyi na boy not girl because i have seen Davido several times playing with him at least him don feel the boy penis…..make una mark today's date, me i talk say davido go fall on top stage one day dey confess wetin happen to all him friends and ifeanyi…..my message to chioma is for her to leave that marriage make them no kill her…she will see a better man…and have peace of mind..

  2. Let isay somthing here why is man is going around hav sex with all kind of woman with out of a comdom and then go back to his wife it have somthing is not right how can a man like that love his wife that mean he take the wife for the same has the other woman please think people this guy know what he is doing please stop tell his wife to stay if u tell her stay and then he gave her hiv what whould all say this man dont care for woman he is talking revenga on woman please people stop praising this man is a manster and that my few world and more is coming that is praying his self strath in to jail u all can courst me out but is the truth

  3. Davido can't married any baby mamas If not they will dump him immediately, as for Anita and Sophia momudu you people are wasting your time even If na babalow, you can't get chioma and Davido bingo's

  4. All babies mamas don't understand when a man married a woman in both traditional and court you people think that another woman will come in that house esay, so chioma is not going anywhere but if she do Davido will pay her a lots, enemies go away immediately Davido did not belong to you nonsense

  5. Chiom. I'm so sorry David Is causing you all this pain. I pray God heals you and you find peace. After losing a child and now your husband is just impregnating women left and right 😢

  6. Nobody has right to decide for CHIOMA, it is her choice, and l pray that she stays in her marriage and work things out, after all Nobody knows the truth

  7. You say the love of her life like you know her personally. I have always said, a normal lady would have left since, knowing how immature her partner is, but she stuck with him and reaping the rewards. She has. Decision to make, stay with the rubbish or leave.

  8. Chioma needs to leave because this is embarrassing and disgusting how hes havng sex with them unprotected not thinking about her health. And Anita said Davido would say bad things about Chioma to her. Davido is really disgusting and a disgrace, because this is not the first time I've heard them (mistresses) said that he would talk bad about Chioma to them; the people his sleeping with. Chioma needs to leave now because it seems like she's sleeping with her enemy not a husband.

  9. Everybody wants to now Carrie Bella for davido 😂 you guys should be deceiving yourself you guys should change the story rearrange the story calculate the story na una work 😂 obo is still married and will remain married

  10. Chioma know who her man is before she got married to Davido, people don't worry about her. Even as all these things dey happen, Davido still dey spy many other girls and you know what? It is all about the 💰 and Fame. Most girls advising Chioma to leave are ready to rape Davido if they had the opportunity only to get pregnant and bear a child 4 Davido. MONEY & FAME! Who know her b4, now she is trending 📉 plus settlement, isn't that great?

  11. Exactly hmm you said it all . If care is not taken it will ruin the name of artiste reputation. Prayer 🙏🏾 is needed but more than that people that surround you to tell you the truth.

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