1. Davido can never ever change and if at all that davido will change not when he's with chioma because chioma is prey to him , those kind of men learn in a hard way . If Davido did not lose chioma he can never change

  2. My little advice both parents of the couple should look for their children is not about shouting on Davido this is manipulations, there's under ground work pls Chioma should not leave her husband because that's what the enemies want. They are both christian let them seek the face of God

  3. Ain’t no way I will stay in a relationship with nobody that’s that disrespectful and does the stuff that he does. Davido do not have respect for no woman and I’ma say this for the last Time stop putting garbage in Chama head. This child is young. She don’t deserve to be in a relationship with somebody that’s gonna run over her and do her not any kind of way. I don’t wish this on no one. I don’t care who you are don’t ever tell a woman to stay with somebody that dog on her and what I meant by dog and her he’s out there doing whatever he wanna do and then at the end who’s gonna be hurt who’s gonna be hurt who wanna be there for her to pick the pieces up who y’all is crazy don’t go and talk to young lady into staying with somebody who is dogging her out. This is disgusting.

  4. Violet , pls tell those useless ladies making noise about keeping a pregnancy for a married man not to come up on social media tomorrow to cry about child support money. They better remain in the dark where they have been since all this while Davido showcase Chioma to the whole world, used her name for songs, mentioning her is all his interviews. They should go and ask Sophia how far. 10 kids will never change Davido's love for Chioma, it is a special type of love . Davido is morally weak but nobody can doubt his love for his wife. So those 2 whores should know what they are getting themselves into and their unborn kids becos they will raise them alone and get only child support money.

  5. Pleased, Chioma should not leave her husband. Let her find solutions to Davido problem. She needs to understand that, these are set up to bring the husband down. The only painful aspect is the throwing to her as a wife. All these women are not ordinary but God pass them. Prayers for these couple all their fans.

  6. After reading all the stuff Anita is tweeting, I have become even more convinced that she is on a mission to destroy Davido’s career as well as his marriage. She is doing too much unprovoked. Some of the things she was saying made me realise that truly she is executing a job she was paid for.
    Nigerians don’t fall for this. We need to fight back and deal with Davido later. Anita must not succeed on this mission.

  7. Davido has to swear in front of his family and her family that he will stop impregnating women as long as he's married. It's now too much abeggg. In as much as I like David Adeleke it's getting too much haba for his own life too he can't be impregnating women even looking after the children it's too much abeggg

  8. This test is fake. Pregnancy test supposed to be two red line. Not one. Is fake. Abeg make una go rest. I'm no go fit scatter chioma marriage. Both anita test ad this one are fake. Pregnancy test is two red not one line. Ps davido is unavailable, only available for his wife chioma. All una plan to destroy chioma marriage will nt work in Jesus mighty name amen. Chioma no mind any of this haters talk. God will help u to rescue ur husband from his weak point. No man is perfect. Chioma no go anywhere. Every evil manipulation against davido will scatter in Jesus mighty name amen.

  9. The man is a drunker period. When he is drunk girls takes advantage of him. Tell me when you see him he is not holding a cup with something dancing like a fool. He doesn’t have respect for himself.Chioma you better run before you get hiv from him.

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