Chioma Crying!! Davido Sidechick Anita Brown Is A P0 RN Star x

Chioma Crying!! Davido Sidechick Anita Brown Is A P0 RN Star x #davido #anitabrown #chioma Follow me Instagram …


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29 thoughts on “Chioma Crying!! Davido Sidechick Anita Brown Is A P0 RN Star x

  1. I am so sorry. Will you marry a woman or a man? You are not responsible to treat him like he’s a child you’re not responsible to groom him you are not responsible to teach him how to behave when he away from his wife or she’s away from her husband I thought when you marry another grown-up, they are really supposed to come with discipline, so he got to be disciplined. That’s a messed up marriage I’m sorry I’m married and I would never sit there and try to raise my husband these devices that y’all are given. Davido and Chama is sickening American people don’t believe this we don’t go to stuff like this if a man cheat he’s label a cheater, if a woman cheat they labor her as a cheater. Nobody need to pacify this mess that’s what’s wrong with y’all Nigerians y’all always want to make excuses for bad behavior. Somebody needs to tell this young lady Chama run while she can before she get HIV just as well as the other women’s.

  2. AdamsLink we are not disappointed or disgraced. Na who im own commot people will talk about.

    Everyone has an Achilles heel and Davido is soooo free-minded transparent to a fault, thats why his own weakness full everywhere.

    Some other popular Nigerian male artists are using drugs and beating up women in addition to sleeping around, but they haven't been exposed yet, that's why it seems David is the only one with drama.

    Davido is still the most humane and nicest of all them A-list male artistes in Nigeira.

    The fact thay these women are able to come out on him like this shows that Davido isn't ruthless and destructive. Otherwise, they won't have it this easy to come out on him like this.

    Whilst I do not support what he did, he is still my number 1 male artiste in Naija no cap! OBO for life.

  3. Aunty? How yo go dey ask p*n star for sexual responsibility? A no andastand! when she dey lash for living you really think she dey interview all these men b4 throwing it back? She may be like you get prick? Oya na room dey straight the to the left…She doesn’t care!!!!! It’s just another day to her🤣🤣🤣🤣🙆🏽

  4. Why is it that when ever Davido pregnant any woman, if Nigerians don't call her one night stand, it will be ashawo? What is wrong with Nigerians? Na DAVIDO be ashawo period!

  5. This guy someone did witchcraft on him probably a woman so he can destroy himself and no woman can enjoy him because he wont be able to be faithful. He needs deliverance from these witchcraft spells plus excess drinking and smoking makes him an even easier target for psychic demonic and witchcraft attacks. His runnins himself down fast May God save him before another issue happens that will humble him further such as incurable stds.

  6. Davido has disappointed me his die hard fan. I am so ashamed of myself to be Davidos die hard fan. Does he want Chioma to be always sad? Ify did not mean anything for you. Ah Davido you are a disgrace to your father. Chioma please cool down bc of your condition ok.

  7. Lol so this old lady wants to gentle talk Davido but trash talk the female? I beg move and mind your business old lady. 😂😂 Hypocrisy how things get addressed and handles i. The african community. I call it misogyny 🤣🤣🤣

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