1. May friend get out, you are very stupid to West your time and stand to spoilt nonsense to impress who,common sense you don't have,man will not love you because of what you are he loves because he loves you even if you have all the bad caratars in the world he doesn't maind to change you but he will still love you, which good caratars chioma have cheeted on David several times, talk all such of bad things about David, even disrespect David because of other musicians, tattoo other man named in her hand,so what is the good caratars, just say that David is Blaine maybe juju da work him that way he married her, but for me the other are more better than her look at Amanda she even quite than chioma,and I Sophia she don't pretend,so let forget this whole talk they are married so what all this, you want to spoil the other baby Mama's but they too will have their own man that will love them the way they her.

  2. Chiomas love for Davido is UNIQUE it has no EQUAL, David is making Amends for the wrongs he committed against her,he realized almost late that he was loosing a A precious GEM, that is why the HYPE.CHIOMA lol is a Blessing to Davido 😇😇😇❤️❤️❤️

  3. Really Really 2 Face Said It Better A Man Going To Be A Man Chioma Is Davido Worst Pick Because Every Since She Can It’s Been Nothing But Drama David Doesn’t Repect Nobody

  4. God bless 001 and 002 forever. No weapon fashioned against them shall prosper. You need to add that Chioma is Davido's gist partner, his GO TO person. This can only be God

  5. Everything you said about Chioma, exactly that's who she is, the love between David and Chioma is made in heaven's love, Chioma is Davido's missing rib, she's so good hundred plus wife materia, their marriage is ordained by God nothing anybody can do about it, blessed couple 001 & 002, who e pain too much make e go kick bucket period.

  6. Chioma is one in a million. Davido is very happy to marry Chioma. She's very humble and respectful. Since Davido met Chioma till now is all round success for Davido. May God bless Chioma and perfect all that concerns her amen.

  7. True talk bro you said it all. A good woman brings peace and favors to a home. Look at Davido after marriage nothing but blessings every where.

  8. Chioma is a blessing for Davido. Davido will continue to shine because of chioma. A woman of substance and classic role model to all women. Davido is lucky

  9. Every man wants to come back home and meet peace not everyday war. Davido said it already am looking for a sister. Marriage is a long journey not moi moi👌🏽

  10. God bless you let the truth to be told. Chioma is blessed and davido too is blessed too to have Chioma. Character is everything not beauty. God bless their Union in Jesus name Amen….

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