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  1. There's one thing that I do not understand in african wedding. And that's why ladies always show there naked body to the public. Private parts that are very important to hide that's what they always show in the name of, this is my wedding. 😢😢😢 So sad now a days.

  2. There is always one relative that just does everything too much. The dressing, the behavior everything is extra. Never leave that aunty or cousin with your husband. They look young for their age have no kids or grandma is raising the children. She will always sneak sex into the conversation when you are not around. I bet this woman is 60.

  3. Seems kind of insulting to wiggle her ass like that at a wedding but their culture maybe excepts it as being normal. Plus the woman who is wiggling should be skinning if she is going to draw attention to herself. Odd get up too.

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