1. Like someone wrote. Davido might be also crying for help. Fame and a loss of loved ones isn’t something easy to deal with. I hope his families see the part of it and help him get some counselling

  2. All these women coming out to show say them don sleep with davido or are pregnant…. How You want to sing 🎤 make God carry you go your husband house. Which husband want to marry davido crumbs.😢

  3. All these ladies that are coming out to show videos of davido sleeping with them or that they are pregnant… you can’t call yourselves victims, davido is a superstar 🎉 like it or not… he did not hold a gun to your heads and slept with you all. Nah una open legs for him. A girl came up to me when she knew I am a Nigerian, she told me if I know davido, I should connect him to her, that she want davido’s money, that won’t even mind, she will get pregnant for him 😮…. Nah so I tell her say, I no dey for davido circle… so I don’t know him. The lady is from South Africa. So those women no get mind… nah tinco mind them get.

  4. He's lawyer and team are disappointment . Artist are stupid and dumb with there emotions ,that's why they have supporting team .Nevertheless, his team is trash 🗑 all smoking and drinking ..Too relax

  5. 🙄🥺I'm just crying for chioma. Why do you think this to chioma? 🤮😪😭😭First, you are disappointed in chioma. Second, you are disgrace yourself

  6. There’s a reason something is described as private. It is not supposed to be distributed around. Davido is distributing his around the whole world. He will soon find out that he’s actually “available” for rubbish! By the way, how come no white women are coming forward.

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