Politicians, public servants should act like Gbenga Daniel — PRP 

The Peoples Redemption Party on Saturday commended the former Governor of Ogun State and now Senator representing Ogun East Senatorial District, Otunba Gbenga Daniel, for suspending his monthly pension and allowances as former governor of the state.

Daniel had written to Governor Dapo Abiodun, requesting the suspension of his monthly pension and allowances estimated at over N676,376.95.

The PRP in a statement by its Assistant National Publicity Secretary, Muhammed Ishaq, said Daniel has displayed a profound understanding of the challenges faced by ordinary citizens.

The party called on other politicians and public officials to follow Senator Gbenga Daniel’s example.

He said, “This courageous decision demonstrates his unwavering commitment to public service and sets a commendable precedent for ethical behavior in the political sphere.

“We live in a time when public trust in politicians and public officials is often eroded by corruption, misuse of resources, and personal gain. However, Senator Daniel’s decision not to accept monthly pensions and allowances is a refreshing reminder that there are still individuals in the political arena who prioritise the interests of the people they serve over personal enrichment.”

He also added that the former governor showed a great understanding of the plight of ordinary citizens through that singular act.

“Moreover, Senator Daniel’s decision goes beyond mere symbolism. It serves as a call to action for other politicians and public officials to reassess their own practices and prioritise the welfare of the people they represent. It challenges them to scrutinise their own allowances and privileges and consider how they can be better utilised to address the pressing needs of society.

“Senator Gbenga Daniel’s principled stance reflects his genuine concern for the welfare of the people and his belief in the importance of leading by example. His suspension to accept monthly pension and allowances sends a powerful message that public service should not be driven by personal gain but rather by a genuine desire to uplift communities and improve the lives of the citizens.

“We urge other politicians and public officials to follow Senator Gbenga Daniel’s lead and emulate his commitment to ethical conduct. Let us work together to restore public faith in the political process and build a society where the interests of the people are placed at the forefront.

“The PRP applauds Senator Gbenga Daniel for his remarkable decision and expresses our unwavering support for his dedication to public service. We believe that his actions will inspire others to prioritize the welfare of the people above all else,” he added

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Author: Maxwell Dudu

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