My marriage… With Davidwhyte

How long have you been married?

I have been married since December 2016. That is six years and a half.

Where and how did you meet your wife?

I met my wife at her father’s house in 2013 when her brother, who was my classmate then, took me to their family house. That was when I saw her and developed an interest in her. That was how our friendship began.

Did you always know from Day One that you’d end up together?

I wouldn’t say this affirmatively but I had all strong convictions. As a student then, I had choices. Among them, she was the best. I was determined to marry her and from all reasonable doubt, she was the best for me. I didn’t plan marriage then but I am also not surprised we ended up together. I think it was divine.

What is the most remarkable thing you love about your wedding day?

(Laughs) The most remarkable thing that happened that day was that the moment I entered the hall, I noticed everywhere was filled to the brim. That was when it came to my realisation that the wedding indeed was taking place. That period was a very challenging one for us. At some point, I was still contemplating. Even a day before the wedding day, there were still a lot of things I needed to fix which were not yet fixed. When I entered the hall, it struck me that indeed I was now married.

How did you spend your honeymoon?

We lodged in one of the most expensive hotels in town then. The night of our wedding, someone called, telling us that he had made a reservation for us to spend a week in a hotel. That was where we spent the honeymoon. That is one of the experiences I would never forget.

What virtues do you love about your wife?

That would be her beauty; both inner and outside beauty. She is beautiful in her heart and beautiful outside.

How has marriage changed your outlook on life?

When I was single, I was living a life of my own. I was only responsible for myself and what I do. But, with marriage and children, I now live a life, knowing full well that I am living for people and not just myself. I am now more careful about life, generally.

When I got married, there were some events that I got called and got really good pay. My marriage has opened many doors for me.

How did you feel the day your first child was born?

That is something I will never forget! Should I say I fainted? It was a very mind-blowing experience. To say that I am a father and I have produced my kind is something beautiful. It made me the happiest person on earth. At that moment, I felt on top of the world.

You have three children. What has fatherhood changed in you?

Fatherhood has taken care of my financial recklessness. I am now more responsible. Whenever money comes, I have to lay out my priority and take care of the most important things. I now have a family so I know I have to be responsible and accountable to them.

As a public figure, how do you balance your career, work, and home?

Hmmm… I do this intentionally. If I pay attention to one and neglect the other, I know there will be conflict, so I make sure I balance them. I do my best to balance my work with my family. Both are very important to me.

What secrets can you give to intending couples?

Intending couples should be intentional. They have to make up their minds to know what exactly they want to become in their marriage. They should know the kind of marriage they want to have, the kind of home they want to make, and the kind of children they want to raise long before they get married. This will help them to make the right choice.

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