21 thoughts on “Davido – UNAVAILABLE (Instrumental – Official Audio) ft. Musa Keys

  1. This shows the beauty of the Amapiano sound. It's soulful house for me, but if this new name is what gets everyone on board then let's GO!! Great song and watch this take the place of afrobeat in terms of how big it reaches!!

  2. I’m unavailable
    Naija in my blood
    No affiliation to stress
    And that’s just cuz
    Give my haters the blues
    If they think they’re tough
    Enough is enough
    When did love turn to lust
    I can turn into Aladdin
    If you think under the rug it was brushed
    Hustle is a must
    Or they’ll leave you in the dust
    I’m off the market
    Cop big body truck, only a professional can park it
    On vaca in the Artic
    Had to keep it blunt, it’s only a rumor
    Why would you spark it
    I’m unavailable, but if I tell you that I love you oh
    You must abandon poles
    I can’t let go of my pole
    When I see red, I’m on go
    Can’t let the neighbors know my name
    When I stroke slow
    Make sure you yell low (yellow)..

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