44 thoughts on “Davido – Dami duro (Exclusive interview)

  1. So…. if it was just auto tune that made them able to sing and make money …. As far as I am concerned auto tune is free why the fuck don't u go use some and make money and stop hating GOSH MANH!

  2. Amen.. but he definitely wil, he dosen't have any problems.
    i met him and his cousin(the other guy in the video) at a close friend graduation get2gether party in "VGC" 8 months ago, shortly before he esploded.
    his father is a Billionaire from Osun State, he gave him 90 mln Naira to Invest in his Music Career..so when he says in the song.."..Emi omo baba olowo..", he clearly means it.. 😉

  3. Some people here are born with local mentality .my advice for you is to travel out from your local village and gain more experience..Davido keep it up ..cant wait to see you here .

  4. @justallus, ok feel u taught u were tryna get @ me….btw @davido gat nice songs buh poor package…watch his cousin @sinaranbow interview and u will see alot of difference, package matters bro…..good luck omo baba olowo- davido

  5. @justallus u must be @davido's either sister-cousin-brother-father-mother or best, with this story u wrote below…advise ur wht ever he his to u to step up, wizkid probably from a average home,went to govt school(L.A.S.U) BUH SOUNDS FAR BERRA than omo bab olowo….not hating just saying….he sounds so razzed, when i went to america like wtf…..

  6. dis dude aint sound @ all…..did i hear him say my teacher….babkok university student final yr, wow….they shuld return ur school fee back……nice songs u gat thou….

  7. @MsKittyHoward
    I am afraid you missed the HEART of Davido as much as you missed the video itself. Davido is trying to be different. His mind is VERY CLEAR on what he wants to do. He is not afraid of the Industry. He has carved out his path and he could spend an hour praising Tuface, it wouldn't hurt his image a bit. In fact, his apparent selflessness is indeed worth emulating! Next, i shall like to suggest 'CHARITABLE DEEDS' to this young man!

  8. I watched the whole interview

    What a lovely lad really this young man.

    I salute his father for raising a great boy who is not like the usual 'overspoilt' brats.

    Davido has got a good brain and a sound mind!

  9. I think the camera man is focusing on his hands which are giving away the fact that he's nervous. @MsKittyHoward You can go and apply for publicist na

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