50 thoughts on “Yeye Kudi analysis on Davido ongoing saga.

  1. Factual ma'am,he doesn't even know the spiritual aspect of sleeping with so many woman,,reducing his life span n bringing a lot of nonsense into his home in fact I pity chioma seriously,,,STI'S, HIV,AIDS,…I HOPE he learns from THIS,,, DAVIDO is irritating as far as am concern,,his nomadic in nature in fact he has eaten the forbidden fruit.

  2. You can't blame these women Davidon is having an affair. Blame Davido. Period! This is a total disgrace to Chioma and heart-wrenching knowing she just lost her son. I am beginning to believe that Davido is Ocultic and this may be one of the requirements; to be sleeping around without condom.

  3. Stop calling African American women 'Akata' it's disgusting and disrespectful!
    Always remember alot of you get to stay in the Country through them. They're your relatives through ancestry. Let's respect one another and God bless

  4. I blame his team, lawyer and himself of all. They are all disappointment . Nevertheless, we can't really say the pregnancy is Davido at the moment till the child is born . ( DNA) will prove that . The ladies in questions (French and Akata) we all know them style and how they play the ball in the US .

  5. Davido may not beg Chioma because the atrocities he committed is high two women how will he face Chioma because if he respect Chioma he will not even play half of what he did, david is just playing on Chioma honestly he's using her for his business I didn't see genuine love between David and Chioma, but people didn't want to understand, the marriage they did is unplanned it happened because of ify, dont be surprised he may even fight Chioma because of this, that is the way yoruba men behave they don't beg too much.

  6. Last last like evey child now go answer Adeleke PS the Adelekes should go and take Michelle from Ibadan and give her the good life she deserves take it or leave it her mother's curses on Davido is working. Davido has many soul ties from all these women he needs spiritual deliverance and Sharon should look into getting her brother new management with people that can scold and tell Davido as it is

  7. If chioma leave her marriage she is a big fool, make she burn her own Oder women go still burn their own , for does lady wey carry belle them no dey shame? Because say DaVido get money and na superstar them dey jump come internet comm dey say DaVido give them belle how wish DaVido na Nobody who for come out ??? Make una dey share una Toto up and down DaVido is already married and blessed

  8. Poor Chy, going through this few months after the demise of her first child.Whatever you decide to do will be supported.Davido has allowed his randy lifestyle to mess him up.This is so diagusting.

  9. People really need to stop blaming these girls and point the finger straight to Davido. No one is a saint and if you must do it, at least do it respectfully and safely. Every pain he has put Sophia through will come back and bite him. Is just the law of the universe. I wish no harm on Davido but I strongly believe he had treated Sophia wrong and put out a narrative about her that is not true and Karma will do its due diligence. Just facts, no hate intended.

  10. I will now subscribe to your channel.. you talk well … when you sleep with multiple people you not only get disease but you can inherit spiritual problems as well …

  11. Madam Kudi, I am African American. My parents, etc. were born in the US. I have been watching you for a long time. Please don't attribute all of this Olosho ghetto behavior that this American baby mama is displaying on all of us. I have all kinds of different personalities in my family but none of them behave like she does. Your impersonation of her is perfect and so funny jaire! 😅🤣😂

  12. Yeye thank you , let's continue to pray for him, we can't throw him away, he need guidance, davido is bless , he need to be careful , davido all eyes are on you young man, may God guide you

  13. Shut up your mouth what is your buisness that is life of celebrity chioma be courageous God will give you a glorious children tell davido to establish you with buisness so that u can find something doing and be prayerful so that davido be a change person

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