20 thoughts on “Wizkid Suprise His First Babymama Just Like Davido and sophia Momodu

  1. I don’t think Jada P is behind Wizkid Sis success he would have been successful with out her he just might not have met certain singers right away but he was already successful without Jada P.!! If anything he helped her shine she should be greatly appreciated for him!!!…

  2. Good thing he doesn’t let Jada P control or interfere plus influence him when it comes to his firstborn son! Jada is going to make sure her kids have under any circumstances by all means necessary 😮!!….

  3. This woman is wizkid she was is first love,when he have nothing, once he get money,he drop her.Hope she find love again and marry,not wait for wizkid, he will never marry her hope she used the money good in Business.

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