36 thoughts on “This is the heights of it all 💔💔💔☹️#davido #chioma

  1. Davido fuck up big time,let him respect himself and go for rehabilitation,he should stop embarrassing his wife and family.Nevertheless he is still my fav❤️

  2. This is terrible, Davido just swim in muddy water with muddy women, my anger is she knew Davido sacrificed his child and she decides to have a child for Davido, her own child will also be used for sacrificed, she has destroyed Davido and his reputation, she is rubbish and evil, Davido has dragged himself into mud and swim in rough muddy waters with Davido

  3. Now you people knows that Davido has slept with Eniola and other ladies that he called friends oh, I believe Sophia when she said Davido is angry at her for not sleeping with him again. Even though I don’t like Sophia but I believe her now that Davis trash. Look at the ugly women he’s been sleeping with and take a look at our Chioma! Natural beauty no no Omo Davido spoil my heart for this one ☝🏾 🤬🤬🤬

  4. Davido sit up! If Chioma leaves today, there are billionaires out there ready to grab her. You have exposed her sincerity, innocence and good behavior to the world and you never can tell if some of these men are not behind what is going on just to break the marriage so they can have Chioma and treat her right. With or without your child Chioma is being admired by a lot of wealthy guys so sit up Davido, stop disgracing this beautiful girl, it's hard to find a girl like her these days. Chioma dosent care about your wealth Davido. Don't think you can't loose her again, you can loose her and will never get her back. Whatever decision Chioma takes we are strongly behind her. If you can't treat this girl right with respect just let her go, people more than you are waithing to treat her with respect and not material things. Chioma we are praying for you. May God put all your enemies to shame and strengthens you.

  5. Davido has got fights coming from hell ever since he married it's been difficult these women are agents he needs a true man of God to deliver him.. The devil wants him to sty in the streets may The Lord help him. They know chioma is from the clean world they are not Hppy.

  6. It’s not about cursing the women now, please someone should tell davido to stop. The strength and energy we use in cursing and teasing the other women will not help. Davido thingy no Dey know if they are ugly ohhh, so let’s refocus and face davido. Let’s make him understand what he is doing is not right I beg, even with all these saga going on if davido still go to another girl without c…..dm they will still allow him. All these energy that we use in fighting these women should be directed at davido. That means beautiful chioma can not trust her husband anytime he has a tour or show😢😢😢 what is that?

  7. American/ Akata women will accuse Davido of RAPE Davido should be very careful, this women have brought many mighty men down, he thinks he’s catching fun but believe me he’ll end up in jail.

  8. Who do we blame in all these? It’s davido 😢😢😢 he is the one bringing all these insults and because he knows people loves him and will always defend him. Let’s pray for davido and chioma.

  9. I thought you said Chioma dey with David before Sophia, God don give you bad work, I beg stop lying so she's your enemy now, thank God Sophia will be free from you.

  10. Me I gave up totally over David what? Two women get pregnant for him.come think of it David does not respect choima trust me and to his Crew members you guys are not good friends trust

  11. Gist’s Loosers I think you need to find you a new job because any time did you say he in trying to down somebody else? Let me tell you something to try to build Davido’s garbage up it’s not gonna work it’s many more coming if you know my guy no you should leave, that young lady alone because she is somebody you don’t even want to get connected to cause once she starts she’s not gonna stop she’s not like you Nigerians she’s a US citizen from New York and I don’t think you want to rumble with this one who are the vice leave this lady alone before videos come out

  12. Why dont you say the bitter truth? She dey do her business and do whatever she likes with her body why you check the married guy wey fall your hands to near her.
    So the wife no sabi the person wey him married? I beg pack well

  13. This is Bernice, I am a Ghanaian living in America. David
    if he is not careful ladies can bring his career down because your front is very weak I pray for Chioma for being strong.

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