29 thoughts on “The Cameroon lady is my close friend she’s not pregnant, she clout chase for a living 😲#davido

  1. Bobo does not know his job. Some bloggers also are trying to drag Davido and Chioma down. They don’t have any business calling the Ghanaian girl daughter Adeleke. Some bloggers are doing too much just to bring Davido down. When one or two people are sued like the baby mamas and Kemi because her certificate was revoked then others will learn from it. All these nonsense will stop.

  2. Are you sure Davido is not the person that useing this people to chase Chioma away, If not why is he keeping calm people are using his name to case clout just like that, Insulting his wife that there marriage is by force marriage.

  3. This is all paid work to ruin Davido career. Anytime he has some show, they come with their pregnancy lies and the gullibles fall for such. He has a show tomorrow, and they have started again with their nonsense. They try to do everything to ruin the guy and his career.

  4. GTL, how can Davido an international artist no get lawyers. It’s a shame. With the level of wrath and education the Adelekes have, trashy women dey come and rubbish their name. Shame on the Adelekes

  5. Davido no get team na parasites him get. I talk am before and I go talk am again. When plenty women came out I knew that all these women were lying. Even if davido no marry him image fa? Kai

  6. Bobo Nwa lawyer, Sophia, Eniola, and kemi are Davido worst enemy. They teamed up to break the marriage but God pass them. I don’t think he is a professional lawyer.

  7. This is what I was saying the other day. It’s like David have no representation, no PR manager, know agents no lawyer. I don’t get it, reason why all these foolish ladies are coming out talking nonsense. That foolish lawyer what is his job title self? He himself want to be celebrity, Sophie came out and talk nonsense, now everybody else coming out and just talking nonsense on big celebrity like OBO. I’m just tired 😪

  8. God has vindicated Davido and Chioma. God will continue to pay you well Davido and Chioma. I will continue to support you all.

    Davido will continue to make clean money. Your name and brand is protected. Do not allow people to mislead you to sue all these vagabonds. Chioma doesn't need noises. God bless you my dearest!!! #muchlove

  9. Ghana one her friends don expose her say she told them she wan trend 😂😂😂 Davido has suffered 😂 then after they get clout the go appologize

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