One thought on “Meet Davido US girlfriend currently pŕégñânť for Davido as Gistlover confirms

  1. All these people having different children with woman cause the foundation and pillars of their downfalls. Wealth does not make human beings to sleep around with just anyone. It is because of their are mannerless, Godless and irresponsible. They lack of integrity and self-displined. They will always remain irresponsible and fools to their ends unless they repent and get delivered from the demons of adultery. They will end up foolishly, and remain wasted lives. Money is not everything in life. God does not give money to spend on nonsense, and on sins. Neither he gives you money to oppress women or anyone else. The women opening legs for such a man you know is married with one woman, will also end up in hell fire because God does not approve you as a third party in to scatter others' relationships. You have dozens of queries to answer from God. Some see hells before deaths, as a result of your sins, you will suffer some punishments from God, but on his appointed time. God is love, he waits for you to repent before you get your judgement. Do away from satanic relationships. Snatching others' guys have the massive consequences. Think before you act.

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