45 thoughts on “Davido New Babymama Anita Reveals Deep Secret About Davido, Chioma And Later Son Ifeanyi

  1. Did Davido rape you no ? My dear you are not the first and the last Davido is not your son weather he he sleep with dog, Anita why are you worry about what Obo my people why people can see that Anita wants to take choima place. Anita you will not bring Obo down go ahead and make people enjoy themselves with your feel

  2. If I was Davido I would Sue all of you guys,for speaking so losley and not using the word allegedly, because you bloggers do not do your research before you speak on matters that you all don’t even know if is true or is cloth chasing,if was in the USA 🇺🇸 you want to be bloggers would have reaceve a cest and decest letter you guys better be careful

  3. Could you Guys please get some love for Choma,and Stop 🛑 listening to foolish people,I didn’t know you guys are so veritable so what none of you woman never had hart beak if I was Davido I would sue all of you

  4. Anita Brown is a typical Acata they are vindictive, dramatic, chaotic 🙄 thats why research has shown They make the lowest number of Wife as in least to get married and high divorce rate? highest number of babymamas and Their own Acata men avoids them. They are aggressive and manipulative and like to claim boss chick but no get shishi😂😂😂 we know them here well.

  5. Listen, listen, American women’s don’t take crap off of y’all men’s he really have missed up. When I said, I’m a say it again American women’s in the United States of America does not take mass often no body who is very cool respect us when you disrespect us with disrespect you, but this time Davido has really met his match I’m serious. This is something that he will live to regret what he did to this girl, because sometimes you can play with some people sometimes you have a really messed up and I’m here to tell Davido he’s messed up He should have never ever allowed him, and Chama fans to go to that lady’s inbox. And harass that lady.

  6. Davido open your eyes This woman is playing this game alone This woman has so many people behind her giving her information davido mother sees what you all do with his only son this baby mama from davido You forget one thing do you think only one thing what happened to Davido and chioma can happen to you too Nina you seem like a woman with no sense make yourself look ridiculous 😱😱😱😱🙉🙉🙉👇👇👇

  7. Davido talks too much, and he needs to censor his mouth; his mind does not know what his mouth is saying when he drinks and smoke cannabis; what she's saying about Chioma is a plan work to discredit her and make her hate Davido. Chioma, it's your home fight for your man anywhere, and talk sense into his tiny head at home. Davido's sister should come and reshuffle the team, sack the lawyer; he does not know his work, come out and protect your family name by turning to Davidos manager; she can see what Burnaboy's mum is doing for him, do the same as he has no mother and sue those bitches ranting with $2M, they will shut up.


  9. Leave this mad woman. Davido will never fall. It's all lies. Davido never told her any thing. She will one day come to explain in court. She knew why did she also slept with him? All these are the work of the devil. Then why is she keeping the pregnancy? Or does she have STD. ? All of these are the signs of frustration. and jealousy toward you Chioma. Use your brain ok. You want Davido but he will never come closer to you. Oh so why is she still wanting him. Why is she trying to continue with him? Did they not say that Ify was a girl? So now Ify is a boy? Kemi lies. This shows that Kemi is the one who sent her. Chioma stand by your man. They just want to scatter your home. Why is she coming out now? She has nothing to loose bc she is an international public server. She is not disgracing Davido but herself bc people know her. But is Chioma sick? Is Davido that killed his son? When has Davido want to sleep with his cousin? That is how prostitutes behave. So there is nothing there. So stop exaggerating ok. Allow het to talk that is what she was paid for. Chioma don't leave your home. Remember you have alot of women wanting to take your position. Don't allow it . Nothing like mental health will befall you bc you already know their intentions ok. All of them are jealous of you Chioma if you don't know. You know Davido well so just laugh at them. Support your man. Mama H Clinton stood by her husband. Then you were still a kid and her husband never fell as the devil wanted. Nobody is perfect ok. Stand your ground now and later discipline your husband. Amanda is the first is she not in America? And so what? Why is she not the first lady? Useless worthless piece of paper called demons who have been released into the atmosphere to hunt Davido. Is laughable. 10 years never gone down so kemi the head of the devish department has weaponised them to stink but they shall all fall Chioma please stand by your husband. Don't forget that even in your man's family I think there are also many thorns that are jealous of your Union I guess so for what I am seeing. But God is in control. Heidi note.bc of your husband huge success. Did Davido kill someone? NO. So what is the problem bc which right do all these Demons have to judge Davido for his poor behaviours? No moral right no legal right. When she is done talking David will start note free distribution of services. No thanks.

  10. This lady is an international olosho, by her way of talking and blabbing you can tell who she is. Again, all she is talking about Chioma are all false from the pit of hell. Our acclaimed kolo investigative journalist put them in her stupid mouth. Anyway, I blame Davido that can not control his Johnthomas. Probably he is curse with everything in skirt. Imagine Anita to Chioma. Davido you really fall your fan's hands. Good luck to my Daughter Chioma, she will be fine last last in Jesus Name Amen.

  11. This lady did very good because Davido is very stupid how he always sleep with women without Condom? Davido got mental problems he needs to go see psychological team

  12. Am beginning to believe that this is all lies I don't believe this story the woman said she didn't know davido was married how come she is now saying davido said he married chioma cos his child died

  13. Where Kemi is the one feeding this lady with all this information.
    I'm very happy with what is happening
    The realdeal will be when she gives birth. I pray God protects Chi & fight for her. Secondly may God almighty heal Chi from her son's passing.
    I think Chi's condition is due to trauma from her son's passing & all the attack against her from people.

  14. You don kolo about Chioma being the second wife. America do not practice polygamy, you go to other side with your FAKE news.
    Let me give you some work to do. You are American like us too. Who is in Wikipedia as Davido’s wife? Is it Amanda or Chioma?
    So stop feeding people with wrong information.

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