42 thoughts on “Davido In Bigger Drama As Babymama Declares She’s Coming To Nigeria – Grant Interviews (Anita Brown)

  1. So-called apostle pastor Chibuzor of OPM MINISTRY PORTHARCOURT having secret baby mamas and reason he collapsed at the airport revealed: stress from one of his numerous baby mamas and not stress from pastoral work: End Time apostles, pastors, G.Os.

  2. Y'all now see Anita is not ok in the head. Who's manic?.which rich business person has you seen spending this much time tweeting?

  3. Summers, I cannot blame Anita for calling out Nigerians. Our guys are too reckless with their comments and videos. Do you know how many videos of support for Davido that is flying around. When I say support, I mean support for his cheating spree. One of such videos that got me worried about the state of immorals that Nigerians have now normalized was that of a grown man blaming Davido's manager for this issue. The man went on to call Anita a call girl and her father a crack head, saying Davido',s people should search and collect any random girl's phone before they are allowed in his room. There a lot of videos and comments like this and this is not painting Nigerians in good light.
    If Anita is a call girl, does this not speak a lot about Davido and his choices? I am not trying to absorb Anita of any blame here because she as culpable, same with Chioma and other baby mamas but let us not continue to support bullshit all in the name of 'I am a Nigerian.

  4. For her safety, I want to believe she's smarter than that “TRAVELING TO NIGERIA” so I'll say she's bluffing because if she makes the mistake to do that and anything happens to her that's on her because for one she's too BLACK for America to care and even if they do they will look at how stupid she has been on the media about this issue and you know what they say about playing stupid games 👉YOU WIN STUPID PRIZES.

  5. This isn’t how we speak in America. This is called “ghetto English or Ebonics” spoken by uneducated black Americans in the ghetto. The man needs deliverance…this is an escort he kept for years. He should have deleted her number and repented after the first time. She probably pursued him and got mad that he loved someone else. A p*orn star or ho* that gets married only took a vacation! She is his nemesis and is so vulgar with no filters just to grow her SM page. Omg! David needs to go to church, mfm, for deliverance. This girl is possessed. She wanted to be his wife or baby-mama so badly.

  6. Call Anita Woohoo faraway….and I'm looking for my Sister Chioma my Lover😂😂😂😂😂Anita you are too much but I doubt she said all this guys

  7. This woman should not talk about Nigerian marriage tradition, maybe if this lady was raised with marriage traditions her vageena would not be so wide, and she would be pregnant by her husband instead of someone else's.

  8. When you sleep in Hell you will wake up with the Devil. This lady is hurt and jealous, but she is wrong for trying to antagonize the wife. All these pregnant ladies, please a beg, go and eat well and rest, after the babies are born you cab fight if that is what you want. Davido is embarrassing himself, but it is by his choice.

  9. I don’t understand why she’s attacking his WIFE. she is a side chick he treated her exactly how you treat side chicks. She’s saying free Chioma in hopes of being with David after they divorce. She’s gross. Everyone knows he’s married. She knew. She’s trying to hold that man hostage because she’s nasty and let him hit her raw. Smh

  10. She knew he was married. Everyone in the USA knows Davido was married. This lady is doing too much to be pregnant. She is evil and her day is coming too!!

  11. This is the real meaning of ‘ HELL HAS NO FURY LIKE A WOMAN SCORNED’ if Davido have driven Chioma away, for her, will we hear her voice?? , they all know Davido is married but still slept with him, now she’s ranting trash, Davido is not a US resident so how she go run am, he doesn’t pay taxes in America, we are watching???

  12. she sound broken ,she might not even be pregnant,if davido is this bad why did she decide to get pregnant?there is something wrong some wear

  13. Coming to Nigeria to do what, when you say Nigerians are useless, in Nigeria we dont greet and meet oloshos, so you want to be leader of davidos women, ogoa, na so madness dey start, how much have been paid for this

  14. We will plan a very special welcome gathering for her when she lands. Lol! A lot of ppl in the US are mentally ill, superficially pretty in the face but Bipolar in the head. She will stalk Davido to the ends of hell and back. These are the same ones that the American men are running away from. There is no better time than now for Chi, our baby, to abandon Davido.

  15. Summer, where you said "I need to rinse my mouth with holy water after reading this comments" got me rolling literally on the floor with laughters 😂😂😂

  16. Su..er, where you said "I need to rinse my mouth with holy water after reading this comments" got me rolling literally on the floor with laughters 😂😂😂

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