22 thoughts on “Davido B€ats Chioma Because Of His Sidechicks, Davido Babymama Anita Release More Private Chats

  1. Chioma too was a baby mama and she met a lot of baby mamas before she became wife. Should we say that Chioma and Anita are the same? Yes of course. Chioma too is there for the money if not, who would stay and be disrespected like you're not human?

  2. After all these blabbing, Chi chi for life remains the champion. All the old and new alleged baby mama's go cry tiered, una never even stated . Davido and Chioma are legally married in court. Please, all these baby mama's and the Olosho women should asked for interpretation of court marriage. Mumu women.

  3. Shes not high. She understands the mess she is in. She is not attacking Chi. She is just sharing what she observes. Its a big mess. We western women are a bit more outspoken. She needs to just leave it now though for her own peace and sanity.

  4. It takes two to tango, its funny how you Nigerian women love defending men like Davido and attacking the women they get involved with. No-one put a gun to Davido's head to be with this woman, he was with her for 6 years! Davido just like the majority of Nigerian men was raised to treat women like trash, the reason we know about him is because he has money and fame which makes him 100 times worse than the average Nigerian men. No sympathy from me, he's getting what he deserved from this woman, most Nigerian women he's treated like trash wouldn't have the balls to expose him the way Anita is doing, serves him right, he is trash. Why would any sane woman stay with a man with 6 different baby mamas and expect to be respected? Give me a break.

  5. David deserves this & more.
    Anita is not talking too much.
    Except for the fact that she is insulting Chi. David brought this to himself.
    Anita is a bitter woman, hurt by a man whom apparently promised her something better but did the opposite. Same as Sophia & Co. David needs to be more responsible when it comes to womanizing.
    All these women are jealous of Chi, forget the insults they're giving her. They will do anything to be in that marriage. How i which David can respect his wife. So that these wicked women's faces will be filled with shame.

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