23 thoughts on “Davido baby mama larrisa london, paul okoye,others react to davido and anita brown pregnancy saga

  1. My people did Davido rape any body? No did he force any of this woman to get pregnant NO .my people all this woman wanted to take there pound of flesh. My Obo go head enjoy you life , some body who is behind this issue and the person is close to Davido will one they come out. You still (unavailable) nobody will see

  2. Stop comparing, David did not sleep with a married man’s wife. Davido did not steal another man’s child and present as his to public. David had children before he married. David did not kpai son. Regardless David should know better

  3. What you dont understand is that these girls target these men. Why dont they get pregnant when they sleep with macdonald workers, i beg, get belle and carry picken

  4. AH DAVIDO has done his worst there are sure more baby MAMAS here in AFRICA who are not courageous to speak out or they are being silenced by money

  5. This girls should go and sit down This girls have been sleeping with other men and aborting pregnancy why keeping davido's pregnancy cause they want money.since they want to keep the pregnancy why telling the whole world? Last time I checked this girl have been dating davido secretly and all this years no pregnancy. Why now? Davido needs prayers no man is a Saint. Cause this girls can use anything to get a man because of money. Now chioma you are davido's true wife no more money for any baby mama and davido will not accept any child again enough .What is all this rubbish alot of men cheat but is not that is acceptable for a man to misbehave .But what I'm talking about is we should not only look at what is happening now we should also check the spiritual aspects to davido need prayers he should see a good pastor that can counselling him please .

  6. When larissa came out , people said she was a lying clout chaser she just wanted to end his marriage, sebi it turned out she never lied when will people learn to stop blaming women . ANIta has been wih him since 2017 he even put her name in song . DAVID wasnt married before only after the childs death its not even been a year she might not have known at all. Even if she did is she the one that lost a child

  7. My aunty says It's spiritual that Davido needs deliverance that it's not normal. He has too many soul ties that's affecting him. He has compulsive sexual Dysfunction

  8. Davido is a public dog and national cake. He go reach all of us. Chioma want answer mrs. Adeleke and that her only problem. Very soon na hiv, herpes, sti, std, syphilis and etc

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