28 thoughts on “Chioma May Divorce Davido… Anita Brown & Ivanna Bay

  1. I don’t know why people are stressing themselves with davido situation. Don’t you guys know this is musician lifestyle? Hmm majority of famous artists are living this life. If you choose to marry them just except to marry them with all the nonsense that comes along with it

  2. It's crazy how people are making excuses for this man ,he a hoe like many ,she new that when she married him, no one is to blame , he married the loyal one because she going to stay with out a ? Believe she has a plan she's a lady and so she has reminded

  3. The girl has no option I beg. She knows what she signed for period. Money and fame above respect, dignity, valued and rest of mind. The issue self no be for now. In the next 20 years, when all the babies would be adults, that's when the music would be sweet. Two parallel lines never met. However, if it happens, then one line would suffer

  4. If chioma leave her marriage she is a big fool, make she burn her own Oder women go still burn their own , for does lady wey carry belle them no dey shame? Because say DaVido get money and na superstar them dey jump come internet comm dey say DaVido give them belle how wish DaVido na Nobody who for come out ??? Make una dey share una Toto up and down DaVido is already married and blessed

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