35 thoughts on ““Chioma isn’t Davido’s first wife”- Anita Brown makes shocking revelation, reveals his first wife.

  1. Which one is which. I thought Dr kemy said chioma aborted till she got a a boy and kept it. And she is still the one who ifeany is a Girl…
    This girl is one of her dice on the game

  2. This is all kemi always used to drag chioma ad na the same thing kemi told this girl to talk again against chioma. All of una plan will backfire for una head in Jesus mighty name. This same thing kemi told amenda to use insult chioma. Yeye people every were.

  3. Az her belle flat…
    UNA NOR know say if na surrogacy….
    Davido fit use condom pour inside forget to dispose it.. and she went behind his back pick the condom save the sperm… after oga David comot she carry it mix am with her frozen eggs…
    This has happened to a billionaire right her in the USA ..and it was a cleaner that did this act… after some years the cleaner sued the billionaire that had no ideal about the whole scenario that played.. at the end after DNA test confirmed the true father that had no clue of when where and how he slept with the cleaner in the hotel he lodged yrs ago PAY A HUGE SETTLEMENT…

  4. The confidence with which people talk as if they know Davido personally. Just because you like Chioma doesn’t mean you won’t think of others. Chioma met people there already. Some ladies are not as quiet as others. Is this not the same Davido that didn’t acknowledge his baby in London until after the gist spread like fire. They are both at fault.

  5. Someone is fueling this girl behind. The person wants to use her to bring the girl down. It's not far from that journalist as she appears to detest Davido so much 😢

  6. So by the way; WHY IS DAVIDO not making this marriage with Chioma more legalized not just introduction? What happened to White Wedding??

  7. My belly didn’t show until I was 6 months pregnant. Some people don’t show if they are really skinny. Anyways so if you want to have a child for a man, then why go through this kind of troubles to make so many noise though??? Isn’t that embarrassing for you, the future kid and the man???? Na wa ooo I’ll be low key embarrassed. Kemi and this girls are falsifying infos and sharing amongst each other. Kemi need to get a law suit

  8. Lol😂make him zip up?! When he’s family name and culture is to marry many women?!! 😂😅🏃🏾‍♀️🏃🏾‍♀️🏃🏾‍♀️

  9. Anita what more have got continue anything that has a start must have an end. So Anita you will get tired then why are you still carrying his baby if he is a bad man do you what your child to be like Davido. Cheap slay america lady without intergrity. Let this be a lesson to all Nigeria men to sleeps with slay ladies abroad. Control yourself. Kudos to Kemi and her cohorts.

  10. There are so many funny comments guys let me tell you something if this Anita has no davido for that long according to what she said then it is possible she knows everything about Davido, there's not alike conspiracy

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