33 thoughts on “Should Chioma Stay Married To Davido Amidst Cheating Scandal? YourView Ladies React

  1. You shouldn't say that, she is peace and that is why Davido choose her over all these ladies.

    Everyone has their weaknesses and love they say covers multitude sin, is just that marriages now has failed to know this and that is why you all are saying you can't take.

    Have you asked your spouses what you are doing that they are silently putting up with.

    Davido might change in the future. Please let people live their life.

  2. Can you all just Shut your mouths and leave Chioma alone with her life.
    I know the status of what all your relationships is, alot of you in that studio do not have a sound marriage or relationship. Tope and Bisi your relationship is sick, even you morayo.
    Leave Chioma and Davido alone, and let us discuss other beneficial issues pls🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  3. Women and pretense is 5 and 6. All the women talking will even beg to be Davido 12th Baby Mama! Are the Anita and other girls sleeping with Davido not women? Are they men? Black women who have no career and no fame would always be happy remaining 50th wife or baby mama of a celebrity, pastor or politician. Pastor Suleiman's wife is still there answering Mummy G.O. Pastor Fatoyinbo wife is still there. Leave Chioma alone! She has no choice and has no where to go!

  4. You can’t advise a woman to leave her marriage or tell her to do as you wish. No marriage is perfect . I do not support Davido’s cheating. But discussing a girl and mentioning her name and making a topic about her on a national tv is not good enough. This is not the first time you are discussing Chioma. It is her marriage and not yours. You all should also consider her mental health.

  5. You people should stop your agbaya talks. You should know that their family matter is a private matter and should be respected. You don't know what your husbands are doing behind you and the ones that you even know about and covering while you put your mouth in other people's personal issues.

  6. We can sit from now to eternity and try to be a psychologist of the human mind and we will fail miserably. Why because we have turned our backs on the Creator and what his word says about humans eg Ps51:1-5 I was shapen in iniquity, and in sin did my mother conceive me……etc.
    Jer 17:9-10 the heart of man is desperately wicked……..etc.
    There's the nature and character of God and There's also the nature and character of man. As long as we live our livees outside the covering of God the Davido's of this world will continue to exist. Money cannot give you character, remember money in itself is not evil, it's the love of it. There's no unconditional love in a relationship/marriage where God is not the head of. Have a great day ladies.

  7. It’s crazy to make someone marital affair a topic in a media house, honestly I know it’s a show but I’m ashamed for this woman using someone marital, family affair as a platform just to be notice. You should go and discuss someone else and let chioma and David decide what’s best for them. Stop being hypocritical about someone family.

  8. This wasn't the first story about Davido, chioma is fully aware of what she's getting into, i don't think she should throw tantrum on it because it won't be the last case.

  9. Life is a choice. As an adult you should be responsible for whatever choice you make. Fulfillment in life is key, whoever you choose to be with, don't loose yourself in a relationship, fulfill purpose and be happy.

  10. Men like Davido, will publicly shower their woman but privately his actions don’t match the love and respect he claims to have for her. I don’t understand men who are so sexually charged and they call themselves children of God. I know a man who spent is 20s sleeping with many women but when he found a potential wife, he unknowingly infected her with an incurable STD. She left him but now he’s alone and still sleeping with more than one woman.

  11. 13:51 Facts!!!!! The women will go with their children. The children will be scattered all over the place. The generations will be scattered. The women will remarry and raise the children with their new partners. Loss of identity. I don't see any gain here apart from the shortlived sexual gratification.

  12. This beecee ehh… 😂😂😂 Omg… Look at how she just end it…. With attitude I can't advise her sha… 😅😅 "Is the attitude for me"😅😅😅

  13. Chioma does not have David many women have! She needs time away to decide wether she can continue to be didsrespected. He has been thinking of his own pleasures for long before and during the time they married.

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