21 thoughts on “Nigerian Breaks CRAZY & FUNNY News Stories on Sneako, Davido & More

  1. Sneako is right. KKK didn't destroy the Black family in the diaspora, liberals did. Bin Laden didn't kill millions of innocent people nor push for mass incarceration of Black males, Biden and the American government did.

    Furthermore, LGBTQ is a very real and serious issue NOW. Our entire way of life is at risk. At the very least, KKK and Osama are for all intents and purposes are dead.

  2. Imagine KKK, but they going for the kids. I mean, they're inclusive and tolerant and all that, as they say, but just in desperate need to get to the children. Kind of spooky

  3. I may not have kids (because i am underaged to have any) but if i had kids and someone would just yell "were coming for your kids" i dont give two fucks or even one who said that, in what context they said that, I will fuck up the person yelling that.

  4. If they can say that on national tv, I will say this I have a bullet & a hold in the Mohave desert for anyone trying to pollute my children’s minds. I’m probably going to homeschool my children due to this new Godless Gay America.

  5. Man I missed out on a few opportunities like homecoming, school sports teams, parties, etc, but hey, I can still say I'm glad I'm homeschooled.

    I'm gonna try to get into public school for my last year of highschool but it might be hard to find a good Christian school. I'll go wherever God takes me.

  6. Drag marchers yelling "We're coming for your kids"

    Me: I'm actually not surprised. First the same sex, now the children, This is world we live in now guys. We're all gonna burn in hell.

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