18 thoughts on “Infidelity Allegations Hit Music Star, Davido|YourViewTVC LIVE

  1. Why do ppl want a wm to stay with a man who has no self discipline discernment self control over himself his body and his action. Men of God true ones have that n them. They know how to control themselves and respect their wife

  2. Davido is too young to settle down especially with the myriad of women throwing themselves at him! It will take the fear of God for him to resist these women! A praying wife will get on her knees and pray for her husband! Not too many young men can resist easy and available candy!!

  3. This man explanation does not hold water at all. If a place is reserved for the gov, it ought to have been secured by the operatives by not allowing anyone to move near it. It was a planned drama to curry favor for the gov and painted the senator bad. Nobody moves near a reserved place/seat for any important personality. All his explanations are lies from the pit of hell. Even the gov he said is a muslim is not. He's been a Christian all along with David's dad. It's all political to curry favor.

  4. The difference between the story of David’s and the other celebrity is that one didn’t have baby mamas all the world, and the other one has all over, I will also be devastated if it is true.

  5. My dear Tope is just sending a wrong vibes to the young girls out there, there’s no Love in the hearts of any man that sleeps around, that a celebrity who sleeps around spoils their women silly with temporal things isn’t a genuine show of love of a man to a woman, the celebrity bough birkins bags for her is now the measure of how much he loves her? nawa o, I will encourage parents to build their daughters and even their sons up morally, especially their daughters to have strong characters to say NO to what is not right, let us build our daughters to be financially strong and balanced to the extent that no matter the amount of money dangled in front of them they’ll say NO to any such advances.

  6. Another reason I want highlights is that we need to emphasize the reason for mentorship, I will use this medium to tell celebrities, poor people’s, girls, boys, married, singles, etc get a mentor, I think this helps a lot. Then again family member’s doesn’t do good either, they leave these celebrities, rich people, to their fate because they have money to throw about, so family keep quiet and watch them go down morally, families don’t want to be in their bad books because of money, as for their wives these women are married to fame and money,

  7. Morayo, For the fact that you don't know the Amen junction, confirms that you are not a true Christian. You are Muslim girl and stop claiming to be a Christian.

  8. Tope, You should be ashame of yourself calling the drug indicted Tinubu your President. The man who forged Chicago University certificate and a criminal your President Shame on you. You call yourself a Christian.

  9. Spaces are not reserved for anyone at praying grounds even in Mecca. Why did Ademola not observe his prayers at Ede his hometown?
    Assasination attempt is ludicrous

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