45 thoughts on “‘I Never Wanted To Raise A Child Alone’ – Davido’s Babymama Sophia Momodu Cries Out

  1. The fury of a woman scorned is not something that anyman wants. Such fury is destructive. Better not to put yourself in situations that will attract such a destructive force into your life.

  2. All of these broke Nigerians speaking on Davido’s behalf. Like Sophia would even look your way 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. Please save it righteous women who are married single mothers. We all know Chioma is not happy. Davido is no angel. Abeg

  3. You never wanted to raise a child alone.Why didn't you wait for a man that loves you to marry you?Why using pregnancy to trap a man?Who are you going to raise the child with?

  4. From one single mother to another she was not married to Davido so why give the childs name in the first place? Whats done is done. Let this poor child keep her farhers name. If she chooses to change it when shes 18 so be it. Until then let her be. Fir what reason to change the name? She knew what type of man she was dealing with. Mo offense I really like Davidos musuc but I do not know him personally but, since he has more than one baby momma he is definitely a player. ✌️

  5. Did he tell you he wanted to raise a family with you? you can't tie down a man with pregnancy, you can a thousand babies for him but if he wants to go, he will still go.

  6. Sophia komodo, stop fooling yourself move on before u become so old. Must davido marry, enough of belittling yourself. Move on for own good. You are not the only mama mama
    You are so pained.

  7. Sophia is angry that davido married chioma. She is so butt lazy and was expecting davido to sponsor her lifestyle but he has put his foot down. It's the child that is his responsibility and he is doing even more than that. She has to get off her lazy butt and be a woman like all others. Hailey's mum is not complaining because she is working hard to make it on her own. Sophia should also go and make it. She is not Davido's responsibility. Her daughter is. She should move on and get a life. For now, davido is married.

  8. Davido is Married. That you want him to trade around like a singular is too much to expect. And that you never wanted to raise a child alone blablabla, sorry, but l mean, you should have kept yourself to yourself.

  9. One thing i like Sophia for is that she is a very good skimmer. All she is crying and skimming is for her to be called Mrs. David Adeleke. But, David is HAPPILY MARRIED to the LOVE OF HIS LIFE: MRS. CHIOMA DAVID ADEDEJI ADELEKE and has declared in public that he is no longer available. So, Sophia should try and manage her emotions with objectivity. That she gave birth for David does not mean that David must marry her. I think she should put a stop to all her unnecessary display as no one compelled her to give birth for David. Meanwhile, for her to say or claim she is playing the role of a mother and father to Imade is not true. David has been taking care of his daughter Imade in every aspect that a man should take care. Thus, a responsible father. And that's a fact. That Sophia is doing few things a mother should do for a child will not make her to cry out. After all, she is a mother to Imade and must have a role to play as a responsible mother. Let her stop all her drama, acknowledge the fact that David is a married man and respect his marriage. David attention and presence for her at all times which she is seeking, for me, May not be obtainable any more. So, let Sophia try to manage her emotions with reality. Anywhere, my humble opinion.

  10. If she likes change, If she not a Ghanaian now she is tired of sleeping around ,she did not make money from it. Now running round to take from Nigeria 🇳🇬

  11. Sophia you made your life public, so why are you complaining. Your wahala too much, Sophia change the name abeg, when you have a child out of wedlock, this is what you get, if you wanted both parents around, you should have waited until marriage before having a baby, pls social media stop enabling this nonsense, Sophia you arec putting money into into their pockets while you are disgracing yourself and dragging this poor girl through the mud, social media doesn't forget, imade will read and see all this

  12. The narrative that “he turned” on her after “she moved on” is false and manipulative. Her behavior shows she is yet to move on and “her worst fear of raising her daughter alone” as a baby-mama is bizarre. By definition a baby-mama is not married to the child’s dad and mostly lives apart. A musician who travels almost every other day is supposed to drop off and pick up your daughter from school? This woman is not a GenZ, Cusper millennial or something but an older millennial at close to 40 so why this infantile attempts at manipulating young girls who are her “fans”.

    His wife was in Dubai with her friends helping her babysit her late son last year, the video is on YouTube. Even when he has kids with his wife, he is never going to do the “regular” daddy duties by virtue of his art as an international musician. Money is attractive and it’s nice not having to worry about money but respect the man’s choice, use the money and resources and connections he provides with drivers, Nannie’s and make something out of your life. Move on. You are actually NOT his family, his daughter IS. It’s saddening that the baby-mama to the rich culture has now taken root in Nigeria. It was not there 20+ years ago before I left. Stop birthing for men that don’t love you, it’s an emotional rollercoaster. It’s wicked to hope a 30 year old will be shared by several BMs and never settle. If she was David’s mother will she want the son to never have a proper home? Move on, you were older and more emotionally matured and chose this path. I like you but this here, is not good for your daughter.

  13. S*x is between two people BUT only a woman DECIDES to be pregnant or to keep a pregnancy especially when you know the man never loved you. There is a reason there is plan B, Postinor etc if you know as a woman you engaged in unprotected s*x! Most of those supporting this entitled bratty behavior are deluded into believing a man doesn’t need to WANT or have a say in the decision to birth a whole human being. If you are of that school of thought and you “trap” or choose to bear a child when it’s clear a 21 year old or even older doesn’t want to, stop shedding crocodile tears!

    A swanky apartment on the island, Range Rovers, Monthly allowance in the millions and two pairs of annual vacation business class tickets is NOT enough for this brat?
    How much do you think those of us who struggled with our spouses and are married get? Even in a marriage the woman bears more of the emotional burdens of childcare (nature and nurture made it so) while the man’s own is mostly financial. David should keep giving what he does but not step foot in her home to be entrapped with another pregnancy which is her real pain. This is nothing to do with tribe, I’m of Yoruba descent. Has the wife uttered a word? She knew him before all of them started birthing for him but didn’t until years later and he proposed, did introduction and was there when her own baby was born.

    Young ladies should bear babies for men who want YOU to be the mom of their babies. I’m a woman but men too should have a say in whether they WANT a child with YOU, sex isn’t the same as having a child else many girls will have 50 kids! She knows exactly the game she is playing and David should ignore her. If she allows the child visit with the paid Nannies, the child will be seeing the father but to insist on him only seeing her in YOUR place suggests an ulterior motive.

    Btw she pretends they dated but I’ve seen about 100 plus loved-up pictures of him and his wife on you tube but all her pictures with him are connected with the daughter. There was no relationship but s*x, there will be more pics of them like those of him & his wife if they were truly lovers.

  14. She shouldn't have opened her legs for a small boy in the 1st place especially on a one night stand..Davido has and can have more kids if u don't want with yours..he is a young man who is still functioning well..

  15. I think you gave too much credit than she deserved. Did she not intentionally get pregnant? Was there an agreement with Davido? I guess Davido has been graciously tolerating her rants. Oh well, she has already said what is eating her up. And by the way, her statements are contradictory; she implies that Davido is asking for quid pro quo and, at the same time, did not want to be a single mum. That means she intended to trap him with pregnancy. She is definitely high on something.

  16. She Sophia is not important. Let her go and change her daughter's surname to the real father. We David's die hard fan don't want to hear about her and her foolish stories. Has she forgotten that David is a small boy? Shameless. Useless. Unattractive and stupid woman. We don't want to hear anything from her. Davido and we his die hard fans are unavailable. Kayamata that Sophia held him for all these years has finally failed. What a shame. God is great. Davido and Chioma marriage is going to be till Enternity. Chioma is going to give birth to many beautiful children. So we don't want wahala. Take your child away. You must change her name by weekend. We don't want you and your child to bring any more wahala on this beautiful marriage. Sophia go and go for good. Enough of all this rubbish.

  17. Why are you people against Sophia, davido marry chioma at of petty, it was when she lost her child he got married to her, even if chioma had hundred children imade is still first child,Sophia deserve the best from davido, if he can support other people at there why can he do the same to the mother of his child, people that against Sophia if you’re lucky u are not baby mama, remember you have children sisters family members it might happened to them, this world is very deep.

  18. Sophia please please don’t spoil the relationship your daughter has with her dad. Just don’t worry. Things will fall in place. When dark clouds are over ur head nd u feel like life is depressing nd gloomy, always remember that right above those dark clouds, the sun is always shining.

  19. The day your have a child outside wedlock is the day your signed to raise a child alone. No shades on babymamas/single parents who are staying on their lane but can someone borrow sophie momodu some sense already??!!! like SERIOUSLY!

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