25 thoughts on “‘I am Pregnant & Keeping My Baby’ – Another DAVIDO Side Chick Cries Out With SAD Video & Receipts

  1. The last girl who spoke is basically foolish! Now you have succeeded in burning your cable, you agreed to sleep with Davido without condom and blame hm for traumatising when got pregnant. What a fool! Instead you to hide your head and carry on quietly with your life, instead you have told the world that you are a pololo!

  2. How the hell are you a victim? Acting as if it wasn’t consensual, you women are delusional and knew EXACTLY what you where doing.

    Chioma is not Davido’s “god” she is not going to take the responsibility of being his Mother. Is she delusional? Before you get into a committed relationship you work on your trauma and issues so it doesn’t affect your spouse. African mentality can be so backwards sometimes. Rubbish advise

  3. Those women’s sleeping with him are stupid asf … he’s been taking y’all souls and giving it to the devil that’s why y’all lost in life

  4. Hey some women like these kind of men i know what my man does to then it isn't a horn it is just another woman it is just abuse it was said years ago 20 women to one man

  5. I think the best thing is to protect oneself. Artist May “moonlight “ there is nothing that can be done about this . This is the Artist choice. But to avoid all of this mayhem. Where your condom and then no-one can trap you or try to throw you under the bus.

  6. This una Chimso dey believe Anita. She want to go to America. Chimso, go bye you will be disappointed.
    What power do you think Anita Brown has to bring you to America.
    As young as you are, you want to tanish your Future by getting yourself with this rubbish.

  7. Save a marriage that was broken b4 it even set-off chioma is desperate that its going to cost her her life even hiv them nor de fear

  8. To all of you promiscuous girls. If you are going to have an unprotected affair, please, use contraceptives. A hormonal IUD prevents pregnancy during random affairs. Protect yourself from degenerates like Davido.

  9. People are talking about Anita's looks instead of focusing on Davido character and what now looks like an evil pattern when it comes to sleeping with different women and getting them pregnant; which looks like it is assigned to destroy his brand. If Chioma's looks is enough for him, then why is he still going around with different women?
    It is clearly not about looks and why would you tell a woman to get rid of her pregnancy to save the couple's marriage? Even if this should happen, would that solve the real problem? The answer is no.
    Maybe Davido should just come out and say, "this is who I am," a father of many children by different women and I can take care of them. Women will then know who they are truly with, rather than him claiming to be unavailable.

  10. I've never heard of stupid, cheap girls who sleep around in the name of having s…..with Davido. Aren't they proud of their bodies, where are their mothers who should teach them values and morals of being a lady? Wow!

  11. Let Davido alone because that's how his society bread him. "I'm an African man " He not the first and won't be the last. Ladies if you don't want to be pregnant, you won't because it's your life life and your body. You all are too purpose. He needs therapy as to lost of his mother at such a young age. That empty space that he's trying to fill with all these women.

  12. Did I hear you say victim?
    Were you raped?
    You willingly slept with a married man, now you're playing the victim card 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  13. Why in the african community aunties are so male identified? Why is it black women's job to babysit black men? If you have weaknesses you have no business being married. Your main priority should be finding a therapist. We're the only group of women that are expected to babysit men. I'm not Nigerian but I've noticed a lot of y'all are Christian. In the Bible adultery is a sin and women have the right to leave. Nowhere in the Bible says that black women are supposed to babysit grown men.

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