32 thoughts on “HEATED REACTIONS To Davido’s Se# & Baby Mama Scandal [WATCH]

  1. Which kind of talk is that one, how can you help men from cheating. Is it a woman's duty to prevent his husband from cheating. Was chioma married a virgin that should be the question

  2. If she wanted respect so much she could have insisted on marriage before getting pregnant for him. Sadly, they got married after Davido had already created much drama with the first baby mama and other mess on social media. She could have opted out of that drama. I am sure she saw a lot of husslers out there who wanted her even colleagues at school (Babcock) who can only dream now. So there were options, the good girl simply liked and picked the bad guy. So why do good girls like bad guys? Cos they are fun to be with hence, their bad cruise becomes the addiction the good girls crave for no matter how hard they try. Unfortunately, these bad cruise has little or know limit. If you care, please get a a therapist πŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈ

  3. All of you mind your damn business!
    I am sure most of you adding comments are going through worst and some not even experiencing love! I beg wona go find work

  4. You not mention the second name now give me final conclusion to my long term though that journalist only impose there opinion on the audience not really giving out fact with out biase

  5. Ur view ladies, let me answer ur question about if a man or woman cheats on u, does he or she still love u. My answer, cheating is a behavior like stealing or lying and it has nothing to do with love. A man or woman can love their partners and still cheat on them if they possess the cheating behavior.

  6. I'm bored and tired of this men cheating. Do men cheat with goat or chicken, pls ask ur self. Men cheats , women cheats and women cheats even more.

  7. It comes with the celebrity territory really. Success is the best deodorant and most men in his position would do the same. He should have been more mature and discreet.

  8. If chioma leave her marriage she is a big fool, make she burn her own Oder women go still burn their own , for does lady wey carry belle them no dey shame? Because say DaVido get money and na superstar them dey jump come internet comm dey say DaVido give them belle how wish DaVido na Nobody who for come out ??? Make una dey share una Toto up and down DaVido is already married and blessed

  9. I will start my comment by Quoting DavidO, since Queen MORAYO started her Open statement with Davidos song #ASSURANCE

    "Tell Anita, Tell her make she come dey Go Faraway Faraway…
    I am looking for a Wifey, Chioma My Lover…"

    My question is what will make a Woman who was name drop by Davido as a Side B!+Β’# accept a man who kinda publicly humiliate her in Public just to promote his relationship… But I understand women are complicated and are unpredictable.
    But Davido who goes back to his Vomit is what people seems to ignore…?

    So Using BeeCee's explanation of analogy of varieties of Food, I will say in Davido's defense there are some food you can't just seems to let Go especially when you are warned not to eat it because it's dangerous to your health.

    With that been said I think it's irresponsible of Davido to have Raw S3X with Anita Brown not just because of her past as a Pornstar but also because is been recklessly impregnating ladies all over which means the pregnant one's are just the few we know of , which means he's unnecessarily exposing himself and his Wife to STD, not to even mention HIV and Aids.
    I know flesh to Flesh is the best when it's $3x but he needs to start considering Chioma because Sexual transmitted Diseases effects on women sometimes are forever, like Hippies, there's cure for men but only treatment to manage the condition for women.

    Also considered Mariam point about women throwing themselves on these Stars which I understand because sometimes body no be firewood and after doing some Deep dive to get information on This Anita Brown lady known as Ninatheelite as a Pornstar what makes her thick that even after Davido vowed not to go back to her and he still waka back to her at his lowest point when he lost his son which according to her, she played a huge role in putting him back together and Davidos Timeless Album was all thanks to the work done on him. Which after Researching some of videos to understand her Uniqueness, I can understand why Davido can't help but take a bite of the forbidden Black MELANIN Juicy Berry πŸ“πŸ“ πŸ“.

    But that still don't make it right for Davido to have unprotected S3X with Anita Brown even though I still consider her skills as a Former Pornstar and Escort which she admitted and there are some videos in some sites of her Abilities in the other room which I doubt Chioma has that ability…
    No disrespect to Chioma but In that aspect if Anita is a Messi, Chioma is probably a Hazard or Bukayo Saka. Emphasis on No Disrespect…

    Lastly I'm sending Chioma Healing and Positive Energy because she doesn't deserve all these Drama even though it's part of the package of Dating Davido.

  10. The solution is we should stop forcing people in relationship to get marry, if the are not emotionally, physically, and spiritually ready. Let them remain single and be themselves.

  11. Davido simple lacks discipline and self control. He needs immediate psychotherapy as soon as possible. I have no sympathy for chioma. She knew what she was getting herself into. Even with the loss of her son, that should have been an opportunity to leave that relationship because it was/ is glaring that being with Davido is a competition she will have to bear in marriage with him.

  12. Please let them leave davido alone…a man is making his money and u are telling him what to do or advicing him on wat to do.. All this usless african mentality….

    He his grown up and he can anything he wants to do and face the consequences

  13. My question is what happened to advising Chioma to take red flags seriously even by older women witth platforms when they were bashing other men and routing for this marriage?
    Most women are not even asking Chioma in this case to leave the cheater but talking about protection. Meaning "The man in question can cheat with caution". Suddenly there are sentiments to the rules. Or the rules has changed.
    What happened here is no news. A leppard will not change it's skin. Chioma already knows her husband. It will not help any woman in her shoes feel better if her marriage is dragged when she still wants to remain in it. This is what Anita Idibia meant.
    I will sincerely say that Davido should should tone his randiness down and grow fast. But women should take it easy generally with men and with the sincere understanding they already know instead of giving men mirage of definitions that are not true.
    The best women should do in attempt to change men for the next generation, is to train their sons to be to their wives, what they wish their husbands were to them. But I swear they will not.

  14. Really am sure yv ladies will see dis isue in woman perspective alone monogamy is not African it was force down our throat,a single woman can not satisfy a man libido all 2ru his life dats just a fact.

  15. What about Justin Beiber. He is younger than Davido, married and not a cheat. This cheating thing is more common amongst black celebrity men. Come be like dem swear for them

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