Davido’s Pregnant Side Chick Anita Brown Embark On A Journey To DESTROY The Afrobeats Star?

After telling the world that he is unavailable to every other woman except his wife Chioma, Afrobeat superstar, Davido has been …


Author: African Glitz TV

17 thoughts on “Davido’s Pregnant Side Chick Anita Brown Embark On A Journey To DESTROY The Afrobeats Star?

  1. She is more beautiful than all the women in Davido life. But it like the pregnancy change her appearance. She lost a lot of weight too. I thought she was faking the pregnancy but it clearly over her. I just went through her old pictures before pregnancy, man the girl hot.

  2. Nigerian fans should have left Anita alone as Davido is the problem. Now they have attacked Anita she is spilling the beans & bringing receipts.

  3. Best of luck to Anita in getting whatever she wants from Davido. He is a nasty, man who doesn't value his wife Chioma. He is a disgrace to himself.

  4. Chioma Chioma Chioma we hear so much about her but more like a Trophy wife! Come on now.
    I am not saying you should answer to everything but all we see is a man disrespecting you then sings about you, buys you gifts, brags about you in interviews then he goes on to disrespect you again. Are you for real?! No one is saying you should leave your marriage but it is time you set boundaries and become involved in this man's life because he needs help. Your role is more than just to look cute and cook.

  5. Some people are a disgrace to themselves and will be their own downfall!!
    You would rather see the woman as a gold digger than to face the legal entryway that the devil has in Davido's life. An entryway which if "his wife," does not help him to close will only get wider.
    We must Destroy whatever is assigned to destroy us before they destroy us!

    How foolish….you are singing "I'm un-a-vailable," While you are most available.
    People are saying this woman took advantage of him because he was mourning the death of his son…are you serious. Was his wife not also mourning? This should have brought him closer to her and even destroy his appetite for s#x. That did not happen. This man needs to check himself before he wrecks himself. Many look up to him, what kind of example is he setting?

  6. I checked that lady's Twitter threads and I completely agree with you that Anita Brown is doing that well. Apart from being affected by the Davido act of knacking around the lady act as someone being sponsored.

    She is doing it aggressively!

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