Davido’s 2nd BabyMama SECRETLY Gives Birth As Chioma’s ASSURANCE Turns To ENDURANCE

When Davido revealed that he was married not so long ago, many noticed something off. There was no picture evidence of where …


Author: African Glitz TV

42 thoughts on “Davido’s 2nd BabyMama SECRETLY Gives Birth As Chioma’s ASSURANCE Turns To ENDURANCE

  1. And I sorry for who wan, who wan
    Who wan gbe my matter s'ori
    I'm only human (human)
    So make no body para o
    Say I carry woman (woman)
    Shey na man wey I for carry?
    Fuck all the rumors (rumors)
    Abi e get when I talk sey I be pastor?

  2. Marrying someone while you are still grieving is not good move as your decision making is based on your pain, so you will take anything that gives you assurance of healing your heart. Chioma knew Davido's life of eyeing women before she married him, you cant change the leopard's spots. If the other chic fell pregnant during the period of their breakup with Chioma, then he shouldn't be blamed for that – he is only human like he said.

  3. I don’t know why they are raising fuss over this matter,like they don’t know what artists depict.They stand for many things in the society and among their admirers.Their lover women should not have anyone to blame for a fallout.Davido cannot be different ,by having a stable relationship cos he’s young.
    However,whatever eyes are looking for ,shall it see.

  4. What I know is that Davido married Chioma becos tradition demanded it. Davido is still involved sexually with Amanda and Sophia, there was no time he laid boundaries as Chioma's fans and some bloggers were saying. But we that was saying it, we were attacked on the comments section. Davido unfollowed all his baby mamas to pls his, and Chioma's fans but still visit them in his houses he bought for them. No one can advise Chioma to leave or stay, but one thing I know Davido is a polygamist no one should expect him to be faithful to Chioma. Sophia and the other 2 baby mamas are good friends they accept each other as co wives to Davido, they don't care all this insult from haters, Davido always cool their mind. As we speak Amanda is expecting Imade to come and meet her brother and Sister Hailey to celebrate her birthday. Is only Davido know them and know how to pls them. But, if Chioma is my Sister I will only advise she stays with Davido and pray she born her own child, and stop any hatred if any for the other baby mamas because Davido want them to born more children for him. My opinion ooo,who come for me I am ready for U 2..😊

  5. So where is the pregnant Amanda? Why is Amanda in the hiding? When Amanda was pregnant with Hailey she posted it everywhere and kept posting herself up until September 2022. Pregnancy is good news and it’s for David the billionaire superstar, so why is Amanda hiding? Once we are able to solve this riddle, we have solved all ‘alleged’ questions. I am waiting for Amanda to post her baby or pregnant self as some say she has birthed a boy while others say she is still pregnant. I am also waiting for May 9th which is Hailey’s birthday, because David goes to visit baby mama children ONLY on birthdays and they comfortable with such parenting because money is involved. At least, David, Amanda and the new baby will celebrate Hailey’s birthday.

  6. Desperate chioma know that davido is not one woman man but she Don care about that all because of davido money so let her deal with it 😂😂😂😂😂

  7. And where is the evidence, pictures, photos or something to show, you liars keep giving fake news to your gullible. America is not Nigeria where, pregnant person will not show out, most of your bloggers have issues with reporting the truth, nonsense.

  8. David needs to stop fooling himself.. let chioma move on
    Chioma is not the one for him she's more a friend business partner. Especially after a child die it's never the same again.

  9. Fans portrayed Chioma as if she is the goddess, who makes her who she is ? if she leaves, what would she fall back on? I am sure she will rather die for Davido money, fame and easy life created for her already even if she keeps loosing her children and her life.

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