30 thoughts on “Davido Turns Psquare Into Fans 😳 As OBO Arrives Their Home in His N500million Maybach Virgil Abloh

  1. Una mind too dey black!! Stop asking frivolous questions!

    These guys are all monied celebrities and superstars, they don't think or act like local people like this vlogger!

    They are very well connected to each other than people know or think!!

  2. U no try for this caption at all 🤦‍♂️. I’m not surprised it’s coming from you but I didn’t know you can be this unlearned 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️how can you say davido turned p square into fans ?

  3. It's normal and I see no disrespect, if na America we'll all think it's cool, for him to drive to their house is also cool

  4. I don't think Davido doesn't respect Psquare, if he does he wouldn't have driven to see them in their home. Davido has love for everyone. He loves the duo. Pls let's be careful with the way we caption our stories, which one is Davido turns Psquare into fans, psquare na Davido mate? Abeg chang that caption it's annoying.

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