24 thoughts on “Davido Side Chick L€@k Video T@pe with Davido on Bed and Episode he Gave Her 10M Naira to Shut up

  1. These ladies are disgracing themselves, not Davido. He's a popstar and not a pastor. They want to destroy her marriage. My advice for Chioma is to stay in her marriage. Most men mess around like that. Davido also should stop having extra- marital affairs and having unprotected sex with anything in skirt. Ppl who want to pull Davido down has failed. Davido will not be pulled down in Jesus name. Amen.

  2. For were this one wey be like champanze come from. Only davido. May god forgive all of u. How much they paid u. Get away from here, see ur much. U HV put curse upon ur life from this day u open ur useless mouth to tarnish someone's life.

  3. Davido fans why una dey see truth dey run?
    This girl so no do wrong, her own part don happen since she no fit speak out because no body go listen to her, bcos of say davido get fame and moni, she only step out to let everyone know because she was the only victim then, if na una sister na this happened to shey una go still dey here dey support davido wrong, Hippocrates

  4. Let me tell you Girls some thing,you can bring out all the profe you are stupid because You leave to go to a show not in bed with the Star ⭐️ you think he would of marry you you are not a baby he did not put a gun to your head and rape you what you’re saying does not make sense,you young girls don’t have any sense’s it could of been anybody you just jumped in bed with out any protection you lucky you are not singing a nother song , you young girls of today remember men do not have any Shame , They could have Sex with the hole world 🌍 and is fame for them put that in you all brain 🧠 you women should have self esteem and respect for yourself,I’m praying for you young ladies lord have mercy on all of them.if I was your man And I herd your Story from your mouth 👄 I would leave you because any man with money 💰 keeps a show and tells you that he likes you, you will go to bed 🛌 with him he should not trust you because you are weak so sad, he didn’t forced you, 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  5. You people should leave Davido alone.What do you expect from a young handsome and famous artiste of his caliber.If Davido was having affairs with men that would have been a problem.All you bloggers should go out and do more investigative jobs of how to save Nigeria.GUYS GET A JOB

  6. Oh my lord really just trifling why you going to put your business out there like that have some respect for yourself just making yourself look like trash want people to know you was with a celebrity some woman do anything to be seen

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