35 thoughts on “Davido On His Rise In The Music Industry, Returning Back To Nigeria, Afrobeats & More | Drink Champs

  1. I am from Kenya and Tusker is my favourite beer. Now adays everytime I take a tusker my voice gets hoarse like that of Davido an it is the most uncomfortable experience you can have. Everytime he speaks I feel the pain. 😂 But I love him Davido. African Super star per excellence.

  2. These MF refuse to give Jamaica its respect . I’m glad someone knowledgeable . Reggaeton, Afrobeats, and hip-hop came from Jamaican music no matter how you try to change it , the truth will always be the truth 🇨🇺 🇯🇲 😊

  3. Davido picks them up from the airport to host them , put them up, feed them…this Davido is so kind, so nice, and so generous. He's a godfather and a great one.

  4. He's the only Nigerian artiste who's always inviting and hosting podcast journalists. Davido gives them all a good time. He's generous to his fans.

  5. Davido is so kind always inviting people to Nigeria when he's on time off and taking them out, dining them, taking time out to pick them up from airport……to extend his generosity to foreigners, by taking them to Lagos and hosting them over the top. He's just a kind, good hearted man, Davido.

  6. Davido is a regular, good humored, kind hearted person. He's a great guy. Always sharing his wealth with his friends, buying them drips, he's dope. Lovely human being with a huge heart. He's a king, he's a pure legend.

  7. Peep how Nore just disrespected so called Black American culture especially music.. Like all our stuff comes from Africa or African influenced then went to the Caribbean and then FN says oh don't forget about the Cuban influence and with all that they're saying this is the main reasons for Black American music..But where is that influence on Jazz The Blues Negro Spirituals all that came not from Africa or the Caribbean and Latin America it came from the Southern and Midwest parts of the U.S. them young Brothers and Sisters who created what they created didn't know about African or Jamaican music…They knew Missouri,Louisiana,Mississippi,Illinois, Ohio, California and Georgia Florida…They created what they created here in the U.S. being un the sticks the country dirt roads Tobacco Roads Mississippi River Ohio River Chain Gang Songs what about the dances they created distinctly Black American…Nore and FN need to stop playing with Us Shemetic Israelite American Folks the disrespect is something else..

  8. I remember the bomb blast our expensive glass wares sliding doors car windows were shattering , the floor was shaking we had to run out of our cars , I was like 7 then obasanjo was the president then and he just left Lagos when a mistake happened in the bomb store at Lagos ikeja, @drinkchamps @noreega @djefn davido’s house was the first to use elevators we all know his dad , I am an artist too I v seen his come up with b red , Carolina with sauce kid a united state Nigerian , rip dagrin

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