Hey #QueenTeam, in this video I talk about Nigerian artist #Davido cheating on his wife #Chioma and getting 2 side chicks …


Author: Queen Chioma


  1. He is abusive. Not even a year after his son died?? Nahhh i would have to do damage. And thats on "Me being an Igbo-British' girl!
    I think the entire F NOT!

  2. I'm From NYC && I Sincerely Don't Know That Woman 🥴 If She Truly Didn't Know He Was A High Profile Married Celebrity Then She Exposed Her Stupidity, Why Didn't She Vet Him Before Sleeping With Him??

  3. 13:20, when that side chick is taking the pregnancy test, she wrote in her caption at the end that she has money blah blah blah and that no one should play with her name yet she’s publicly posting that she has a married man’s unborn baby and publicly taking the test showing us her urine SIES 🤢 …she’s playing with her own name.

  4. Is it just me or is the lighting plus the lashes it is not accentuating, her natural features and beauty. It must be the lighting because it looks way much lighter than her neck and then the dramatic dark long lashes not during her. And I was just thinking as I’m watching this video of like damn she’s so beautiful but What’s what’s going on?

  5. That girl is a damn lie. I'm in Slc Utah and knew his A$$ was married. How you have a whole baby with someone and not know he's married.

  6. I’m not a Davido fan, but I didn’t know that he was married.

    Edit: but I just thought about it, if I was sleeping with a man (let alone unprotected) I would background check him and verify that he was not married.

  7. I don’t know. I think she knew it wasn’t a monogamous situation and knew it was other women but she didn’t know he was married to anyone. People are treating her like she knew he was married and that’s her argument. Also as you stated, he taking these women all out in public spaces that should be reserved for wives. I think we as women are very liberal with the “side chick” condemnations when it looks like to me these men have multiple girlfriends/serious relationships. In a main/side chick situations they know their role and are treated accordingly. These men stay blurring lines.

  8. Damn so this is how we handle trauma?! I’m def not going to his concert now, this is just evil. Especially after their son passed. How could you treat your wife this way??

  9. Cheating men, will eventually cheat on the woman he is cheating on his wife with. DUH!!! Silly woman. I don’t understand why women don’t get this.

  10. Definitely an unpopular opinion, but I prefer the mostly no-face videos because I listen better to the commentary and I like putting the celebrity faces to what’s being discussed. Also the images are kind of small/hard to read. You are beautiful Chioma! (Also loving your makeup!) so this isn’t a dig at you! I just typically follow faceless YouTubers lmao and find it easier to focus and listen

  11. Not once did this person apologize to his wife. Her and him were BOTH wrong, but why would you come out and say anything if you are not going to acknowledge that you are wrong even though you "did'nt know". His wife just needs to divorce him not only did they lose a child together, but he goes on to impregnate not one, but two women? Hopefully this is her exit ticket, so she can be treated how she deserves to and if she desires start a family do that as well.

  12. That man is pure garbage why marry a dog if I was his wife I would get so far away from him and his problems nothing is worth all of this mess leave him to thoses sorry woman he keep messing with

  13. It’s would’ve been a times where theses types of peoples kept their business to themselves now it everyone business they don’t even feel embarrassed by their actions any more this is a very sad situation here

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