45 thoughts on “DAVIDO expecting 2 CHILDREN with 2 DIFFERENT WOMEN while Married to Chioma.

  1. Separate what artist from character
    They will still sing about this their character.
    It's what they believe
    We can't Separate anything cause of beat

  2. Na juju be that oo but who knows if he is not even sick and just decided to share it around because HIV etc doesn't show for face and also what he is doing is out of normal now .

  3. Davido just praises chioma out of pitty because chioma is lust for his possession nothing else. And Davido feeds her family…she's just a silent slave and she knows it

  4. Chioma na lustful lover… Even God himself complains about when we sin. And speak out… She's just hell bound…so stupid…Satan enters her friends to praise her that she doesn't speak

  5. He has no regards for chioma. If you love you will never hurt a fly. Na cultist and they feel they can have anything and in Yoruba culture cheating is no sin… To chioma davido loves her but to davido he married her because of pitty but that doesn't change him. Marriage don't change a man. Any man like this is of the devil

  6. A man can control himself. Only weaklings can't because their mindset is very polluted. Davido drinks a lot and gets high daily and that's bad

  7. Davido messed up. Nothing is special about him. Nothing special.. in God times when you give must the world know u giving that's hypocrisy na. And you all like it…. How can he hurt chioma again….she just lost a child not too long now. And the pain is still there and you know that loosing a child takes a longer time to heal and the child was 3yrs. A lot of thought will be in chi mind now about the death of her child linking it to davido if he was the reason behind his death. For crying out loud I was a fan but no more a sinner fan. What a shameful disgrace to chioma,ifeanyi,and his father and mother. He's such an evil person with sheep appearance. If you side evil then you are an evil person as well.

  8. 😂😂 “Let’s not go into Annie” – Annie that poor woman. 2face has sucked the youth out of her from depression and stress. Annie looks depressed no matter how much makeup she wears. 2face own is even more painful because he went back to the same woman and has 3 children with that one. That will vex me throughout the marriage if I was Annie.

  9. You guys need to make sure you know. That Anita is not a singer. She is a pornstar. So this situation is even beyond groupie. This one nyash and jewel has been exposed to the entire world. She does porn movies and only fans. She is not a singer nor is she known in America. She’s not famous out here.

  10. I just feel Chioma hasn’t realized the fact that she can do alot better without Davido and even with someone better.
    She speaks very well and can actually do a lot of influencing jobs since she’s already known.
    She’s a chef since she’s chef chi Nigerians will surely patronize her.Chioma can be a millionaire and actually build herself better with her fame.

  11. They are loved by so many women, they travel a lot to different countries, 😂🤣exactly my point, I doubt if it is possible for an artist to be faithful,I guess that’s why chioma was always travelling with him because he lacks self control.chioma should just make the decision for herself, if she has the heart to handle all these because more are comming. The part that disgust me most is the unprotected sex😩so irresponsible obviously colos is involved Adaeze😄please do not expect faithfulness from a male superstar who is loved by so many ladies, chioma already knew what she signed up for.chioma has accepted her fate

  12. Women now see getting pregnant for famous Nigerian celebrities as the new business in town because of the so called child support, because I heard their child support for a month is enough to be someone's salary for a year

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