24 thoughts on “Davido: Alleged Babymama (Anita Brown) Changes The Father Of Her Child – Is She Even Pregnant?

  1. She's saying this because Davido's fans wouldn't let her be. They keep sending her dms cursing her they wouldn't stop she wants to rest they won't leave her alone.

  2. This Anita is a troubled fellow, skipping from one extreme view to another, spewing insults that portray her inferiority complex of bipolar disorder! Please folks turn to another page!!

  3. She never was pregnant. She just wanted to trend by using Davido’s trending baby mama saga. I think she’s just a Pom Pom call girl Davido hooked up with.

  4. First and foremost, this crackhead is not pregnant, and even if she is, it's not for Davido. However, Davido must buy himself some class! Stop distributing your energy to getto gangsters on welfare. We Nigerians love everyone of you hard working Nigeria artist around the world, especially here in North America. You all have earned your FAME and you deserve it. This Mumu strip club scoundrel has been dragging you out on social media because, you gave her the audience. You are same age as my son. I hate this. Watch out. You are educated, act like it! We all love you. You have a beautiful wife who loves you! stop making her cry! She's gone through enough. We have millions of Nigerian Americans in this part of the world. I am not sure why this getto stripping nitwit is full of insults. I have lived in Canada and the US for 34 years. Probably before she was born. She thought we didn't know what DNA means?? Davido, take your time! If you have to, be discern! Look for fine girls with education! 😂 🙏🏽

  5. Anita doesn't even have a womb to carry pregnancy , she is crazy , Sophia wants to destroy Davido' and Chioma's marriage , Sophia hired Kemi , Davido needs to be delivered , and change his Lawer


  7. Summer you asked question right?
    Then you answer the question. Amanda story came, y'all keep dragging Innocent Davido and Chioma. Thank God , Davido and Chioma messiah is still alive to fight their battles.

    More will still come ooo.

  8. O yes, this is what we have to deal with, can you imagine your boss being on medication and forgot to take his or her medication before coming to work? That day will be in shit. Drama Drama Drama

  9. That baster was never pregnant. She is a attention seeker. Did you guys really pay attention to her stupid pregnancy test? The stupid test result was negative. It only shows one line, which means she’s not pregnant. Two lines mean positive. She’s all over the place. Her pregnancy story is
    not adding up people. We move

  10. I said it that Anita was never pregnant nor the French lady too. Some people saying Anita was paid off is absolute boloney. Look at all the rubbish she put out shamelessly on the media all these days and to think she isn't into David is an understatement to me. All this defence mechanism she is bringing up now is absolute bunkum. Those people who rushed to her ig to be identified with her are the ones used to raise her numbers and are the real idiots. She has money and all that according to her yet all of them including the baby mamas are fighting to have David whether he is good or bad because of money whilst trying to keep up life like the Joneses yet claiming Chioma is in an 'endurance' marriage. Shameless women with no dignity.

  11. Summer, remember I mentioned it in your previous video that she’s either not pregnant or she lost the pregnancy. She possibly wanted to cash out before Davido finds out, reason why she was threatening fire and brimstone. Unfortunately for her, Davido called her bluff. Now, she’s singing a different song. It’s not rocket science, this can easily be figured out. The lady is infantile.

  12. As a black "American" im not here for the "americans are uneducated" bs however i will say Anita is full of shit simply because davido grew up in the usa more than damn Nigeria so it makes sense as to why America is covering stories and playing his music…for her to act like all Americans are clueless to african artists regardless if they're in usa is fuckin disgusting….SHE WANTED CLOUT SND FOUND OUT HOW DEEP HIS FAMILY WAS IN AND SHE SHUT HER DAMN MOUT

  13. I believe they let her understand who the Adelekes are and how every boy and girl, father, and mother is David's family.
    Almost everyone will open their doors to him and Chioma.
    She painstakingly got schooled, then she got scared and started singing another song.
    Wasn't she meant to reach Naija? She for collect.

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