1. Chioma don’t mind them. They are dying , is paining them so much, They can’t bear the pain of Davido after using their peekus to play foot ball, he dump them and choose you, Chai they are running maaaaaaad🤣🤣 Ugly beaches!!👅👅Nne you are blessed and you are very beautiful , Na jealousy de worry them, My Sister, no go any where, Stay where you are, if all this idiot girls like, let them born 10,000 Children with Davido,No shaking , They want you to live Davido, my dear disappoint them, You are Davido’s legal wife, He love you so much and you love him, they will get tired one day.,But my all ways watch your back all this frustrated fools will use their hand to kill them, let them go and hug transformer, Useless girls, Don’t listen to them, Stay with Davido, May God protect you in Jesus name Amen, Remain Blessed my dear❤❤

  2. U guys remember the girl that he had when him and Chomia had broken up, and she was all over the Internet. Some time ago, she was the same person about a year to two years ago. This is the person

  3. Is d hand work of Kemi n Davido's baby mamas. So baby mama, is now a title. U Kemi u should b ashamed of urself. If u need money ask d young man. Don't speak ill of his mum again. Don't let nemesis come after u. Leave d young man alone.

  4. My Cameroonian sister ivanna, tu as mal fait, honnêtement si tu aurais dû repousser davido, car son épouse chioma pleure toujours son fils. Mets toi à la place de chioma.

  5. Yesss ohhh that's why I Love my Cameroonian sisters. Ivanna can never come out to fight chioma. Men can do mistake, women too. But I still worry about chioma, I love her soon much. My heart feel deep pain, I don't want anything hurt chioma.

  6. Davido is not finished cheating, he needs deliverance. He should be your focus , not Anita. You think you've seen the worse from Anita??? …I know her type, she is just getting started o. She and Juju Austin are from the same Marine Kingdom in the spirit world. lol

  7. Let them born, the baby. DNA will tell.

    Davido is capable. Chioma's home is her home. Some shameless ladies just dey carry their kpekus around the celebrities because money.

  8. Have you confirmed they're pregnant for Davido? Why call them his baby mamas? Nne you're double edged sword and shouldn't be trusted. You're indirectly pulling Chioma down in all your posts and you pretend to be Chioma fan. Pls take your posts about her easy joor, you're always quick to post and comment rubbish, mtsheeeeeeew

  9. Madam violet you do finally leave Sophia alone 😂😂😂Davido do meet him match Sophia dey learn for where Anita dey but I wish they can just do this without bringing chioma in .I can't blame Anita for the dragging because blaming her is like supporting Davido lf chivido fans did not not drag this lady she wouldn't have bring all the receipt out ivanna is right though and I think anita knows too much about chioma that is why she is bringing her in but how will she have known if not from the husband madam violet you can tell Davido to sue Anita but my own advice to chioma is that she should not leave her marriage she can just give him some space now at least for the sake of her mental health and her unborn child maybe stay with her parent for now and relax then go back to her husband house when this whole drama have reduce or over sef this is too much for a pregnant woman and a woman who lost her child in less a year

  10. I agree Anita Brown has crossed the line. There is no reason to bring all this drama to social media. It's obvious she is obsessed with Davido. She even stated that she didn't know he was married as she's in America. I'm in America and even I knew he was married. Come on she even stated that he was mad because he had to get married. Really! But supposably she didn't know right? 🤦Come on private issues need to stay off of social media and no reason to talk bad about someone you don't know. Chioma is the innocent party her. 🙏🙏✌️✌️

  11. Don’t worry , Anita is very foolish . She is a tool used by Keni and baby to bring Davido to square 1. This is not only Davido’s Career , but also to destroy Davido’s marriage .

    I don’t think Anita is pregnant, she will soon tell you guys that she aborted the baby .
    We all know who bought Kemi ; watch and see, Kemi will soon start asking them to pay her full money for job well done .
    Kemi played Anita , some people are behind pushing Anita to frustrate Chioma .
    This message is for you Sophia . Continue paying Kemi .
    Daviodo will never marry you , your sister came online mocking Chioma .
    Chioma is better than you all ; at least Davido told the world how he loved Chioma . Has Davido ever declared his love openly to anyone of you ?
    Davido will never marry you , you’re not even an option ; Davido spoke about how he can’t even dare marry you. How can two Adeleke’s enter one kpekus ? This is abomination! So continue paying Kemi , Chioma will remain forever with Davido . You guys cajoling Chioma to leave Davido so that you jump in . Making Chioma to feel less of herself. The evil
    Plan will dissipate in a minute , only in The Name of Jesus Christ , the Blood of Jesus Christ . Chioma pray to your God , He is all for you right now , and be still . It’s well.

  12. All this no because Davido marriage Chioma. That is why body dey pepper her and her gang. Them want to make sure to separate David and Chioma. But it will not work, in Jesus name 🙏

  13. Anita knows David love's and respects Chi away from cheating. She understands if she insults Chi and IFY it will trigger David. But it seems David doesn't care about Chi nor IFY. because my husband, if a side chick tries this nonsense, he will stop what ever he's doing to come for you.

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