26 thoughts on “Anita Brown On Davido’s Pregnancy Allegations + More

  1. The man there appears docile. It could be anyone's test yes but if it happens she is pregnant and DNA proves it's Davido what will be say.

  2. No cap she slept with my best friend husband 2 yrs ago .. this woman is a fraud and this is her reputation. Have proof of everything and allat. This is her M.O.

  3. I dead ass believe this is the highlight of this woman's life😭bro she's getting so much attention and she'll do anything to milk this💀💀💀Damn only thing people will know her for is that she davido's baby mama nothing else

  4. Errbody knows Anita lying even the rivals fan base don’t even believe her lol.. she’s forgotten there’s karma and she should enjoy the moment coz karma won’t give her a second chance

  5. Lol you were dating someone since 2017 you don’t have pictures of him on his page he has loads of pictures of chioma on his page. He only deleted it when he lost his song … as usually you will claim innocence

  6. How did not know when she’s now saying she sat with davido and his wife in Dubai she’s not even chasing clout she been pay ruin David’s name
    Over them all 😊

  7. Maino seems to not want to hear anything about Anita Brown…. But Davido the married Man should be held accountable for his role in all these Drama.

    I'm sending Chioma Healing Energy, she doesn't deserve any of these from Davidos Clout Chasing attention seeking Side Piece

  8. How don't you know Davido was marriage when his son sadly passed last year. Is she blind, the mother's details come up too. The woman is tripping, so the wife who has been in Davido's videos who has just lost her son, has to deal with her husband getting another woman pregnant? She planned the pregnancy trying to replace the son, knowing he was in pain over losing his child, and would see any child as a blessing. Also, fully grown ass women be going on like they don't know why they are ovulating get on my damn nerves, of course they do. Most interviews Davido is in he speaks about his wife.

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